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14 & 17 Ugh.

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BM of SD14 informed us last night at her middle school graduation (!) that SD14 has a new bf. He is 17. She met him through a friend at a trailer park. She now spends all of her free time when she is not with us at said trailer park. We knew this but she was telling us that she had friends (female) that lived there. Once alone DH asked her when she was going to introduce him to her bf. She did the :jawdrop: face and said "How do you know, did my mom tell you?" He said no, I just know everything. Now DH wants to start doing random trailer park drive thru's. LOL SD told DH that she hadn't mentioned the bf before because when shes at our house "she just doesn't think about it". LOL I asked BM if the pill was an option and she said "I'm thinking about it" Holy Crap. BM then proceeds to tell me that she met the boy, he seemed very nice, he was good looking for a young black boy (wtf), and she got him to admit he wasn't a virgin. She said this all in one run on sentence. I swear my tongue was sore from biting it. I wanted to shake her and say "WTF is wrong with you MOM!" Let the fun begin.


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Some trailer parks are decent. But then there are others that I've seen where you do have to worry about that

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Well first off 14 is to young to have a boyfriend especially one who is 17.

But I do want to say there is nothing wrong with growing up in a trailer park, I didn't but I had friends that did and they were smart kids who did well in school, you can't write off a child because of where they live or what color there skin is. I would say though that because of the age difference and that 3yrs is a lot when you are a teenager they shouldn't be together.

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I have no problem with trailer parks in general.....but this is a bad trailer park. We live in a city in SW Michigan. As I'm sure your aware MI is beyond economically struggling and yes...unfortunately stereotypically trailer parks in this neck of the woods are bad. They just are. I personally was surprised that BM does not have an issue with the boy being African American. DH and I could care less....but I am a bit surprised that BM or particularly BM's SO didn't have a prob with it. Then again BM's SO is 4 years older then SD14's new 17 year old BF. LMAO Anyways of course I realize that a child graduating MIDDLE SCHOOL is to young to be dating a 17 yr old who I presume is starting his SENIOR year. Unfortunately we have no control here. BM is custodial and thus has control (or lack thereof) over the majority of SD14's time. We cant control what she does and does not allow. Unfortunately she allows everything. BM got prego with SD14 when she was herself 17 and my DH was 21. She doesn't want to be a hypocrite. I think she should worry less about being a hypocrite and more like being a parent and teach SD not to follow in her footsteps and make the same mistakes....but realistically what I (or even DH) say/think doesn't really matter. We dont have enough impact.

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mamabecky, I'm with you. We don't have enough impact. The impact that my SO can have, he doesn't even try anymore.

Eyes Wide Open's picture it THAT important that SD14 have a boyfriend---especially one that is 17?????? Even though it's only a 3 year gap, that can be DOG years between boys and girls. BM better get SD on the pill NOW because if boyfriend admits he's already "done the nasty", he's gonna do it again....and again...and again....