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BM's BF (boyfriend) removed from home by CPS

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So SD14 showed up on Tuesday informing DH that while she was at our house last week CPS went to her BM's house and forced BM's bf (boyfriend) to move out.

First of all wouldnt they only do this is there was clear and present evidence that he was somehow harming the kids? (SD & her two sibs w/BM)

On what grounds would they be able to force this?

I have done the sex offender registry search and the criminal database search for my state.

SD14 claims to not know why CPS forced him out. All she told us was that CPS told her BM that either he had to move out, or her and the kids had to move out because he was not allowed to live with her kids any longer.

DH does not want to ask BM...he doesnt think she will tell the truth anyway, and she will just get mad that he is asking.

Do you think if he called CPS they would tell him?

Do you think if I called CPS they would tell me?

Is there any other way anyone can think of aside from asking BM or drilling SD (we wont do that) to find out?


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I don't know if they will tell you at CPS but it does no harm to call and find out, better to try then not to try at all.

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Um, if this involved your DH's kids, doesn't he have a RIGHT to know?

I mean, really...if the bf is to be removed from contact from the gf (BM) and kids, obviously he did something, and your H deserves to know. If BM won't tell him, I'm thinking he might have a right to learn from the local CPS office.

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That's the thing I dont know if he does have the right to know. You would think as a legal parent (custodial or not and he is not) that he would have the right to know because his childs health/wellbeing is presumably at risk.

We pick up SD14 tomorrow and if she doesnt tell my DH what he wants to know on her own (why he was removed...what grounds) then I am going to push him (hard) to call CPS himself on Monday and just ask them. Worse thing they can do is tell him that it is confidential and they cant tell him.

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So he doesn't seem that concerned if you are going to have to push him "hard" to figure this out??

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That is correct...which is my main problem with my husband. he doesnt care. I however do and it is driving me crazy!

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This is a good question....Last week I had a feud (through text message) with my dh ex-wife, about half naked pics and texts that she send my dh...I also told her she got really mad that I busted her game wide open because up to that point I have never said anything to her, I have always talked to my dh....But since then she pulls her "I dont want my kids around HER" card! and this time she said that she called CPS on us! On what grounds? My dh said she told them because she does not feel that our home is a safe!!!! Can she make false claims like this? I have two children 1 year and a 1 month old.. I dont want to be associated with this kind of stuff, I have never been in any kind of trouble as a kid or as an adult, but this stuff makes me uneasy ...havin my name/address in a CPS record ....We have not gotten any letters or calls from anyone yet .....

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There is a big difference between being investigated and being removed from the home.

In your case they may investigate you, but according to you they should find nothing and they will close the case.

In my SD's situation BM's boyfriend was reported, investigated, the claims were obviously substantiated and he was forced to vacate the premisis. My DH and I want to know WHY. What did he do when our child was there? Was she involved or was it one of the other kids? SD wont say anything and neither will BM. Just makes me very uneasy!

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In our state (NC) they have to talk to both parents and inform them of the resolution. DH should call and see what happened.

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DH needs to take being a father seriuos and find out whats going on. Anything having to do with where his DD lives is his responsiblitiy. Something bad could have happen DH needs to contact CPS and ask question. He's (BF) either done something inappropriate such as drugs, family violence or has in the past?? I would look into it. You may try pulling him up on your county website to see if he has any kind of charges against him. Good Luck.

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I know...thats what I have told him but he says that he does not want to know. (afraid to know I suspect) Well I want to know damnit!