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Potty Training with Autism

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I'm so excited. SS is almost 5 and BM hadn't tried potty training him at all. Since we have had him, we have been working hard towards potty training him. He has not had 1 accident since yesterday afternoon and he woke up dry this morning. It's been a challenge since he has no communication skills but I think it is finally starting to click. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I was really getting discouraged since we were having to get over the communication bump. By no means is it official yet but at least we are headed in the right direction!


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That is so awesome!! Congratulations! Even if it isn't 100% you guys are on the right track for sure!

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Good for you. I learned that there are many kids with a little different learning curve, so you're great to take it at the youngster's pace.

A friend of the family was DX with high-functioning autism when he was about 9 yrs old. He chose not to speak English & had his own language for the first 5 years of his life. Potty-training with him didn't fit into any of the parenting books. When he had to poop, he'd run go get a diaper from the bathroom, run to wherever an adult was ... spread it open, drop his drawers, lie on it and poop. Viola.

My own son was a bit of a late-bloomer on the potty training front. At first, he'd be dry at night which was great & otherwise too busy to bother during the day. One day I realized that he was going outdoors. Boys peeing outside is apparently great fun. We lived on a small ranch and I discovered that he'd started pooping outside as well. He'd poop out by the cows, or in a horse stall, or tucked near a bush. Unsanitary and embarrassing, but he was figuring it out in his own way.

That nasty, little-boy-eating, porcelain appliance in the house was ignored for quite a while. Yes, both boys are in high school and use restrooms !! Smile

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Okay, my "viola" comment was meant to convey the entire French presentation of accomplishment with a hand-flip ... instead, apparently, my word choice evoked a musical instrumemt. Gotta love friends who ask me to clarify

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Nah, pretty sure it's voilà. Wink
French spelling with l'accent grave is obligatory.

(Although the way I speak/write French is atrocious!)

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Excellent. So, how do you apply the accent mark on a keyboard, or Samsung phone?

I absolutely transcribed the letters incorrectly & autocorrect did not catch it ... but, I apparently do not know how to use accent marks or the little "~" that nuances Spanish.

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Nice job! You sound like a wonderful stepmother. It can't be easy (I know it wasn't easy for me and my circumstances were a lot more favorable). Congrats and good luck with keeping the momentum going!