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Grandma Again...

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So I get a facebook message from SS grandma over the weekend.  It reads as follows:

Did you have to go for custody when BM was in Rehab!! It nearly killed her, they had to sedate her and she is now going thru mental therapy to get thru this.  I'm glad SS is doing well and I love him but he needs his mom and she needs him.  Even if it's visitation.

My response:

Her mental or physical well being is not our problem.  We are looking out for SS and only SS.  He is our number 1 priority.  

She responded with her new number in OR and said she missed us. 

It really makes me sad how little they think of SS unless it suits their purposes.  

Another note, BM called DH and he tried to let her talk to SS but all she wanted to do was rant and rave and make threats.  Apparently she is going to sue the lawyer for sending her the paperwork of the custody change while in rehab. 


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Sorry, but rehab isn't an excuse BM. If anything, that is the PERFECT time to serve her - when she is surrounded by mental health professionals who can help her through it. Ripping the band aid off versus slowly pulling it.

Plus, your DH doesn't need to be getting in trouble for having SS, or worrying if BM gets out and just takes him. It IS about SS and what's best for him. And what is best for him is stability with family that won't be risking relapse.

If BM cared more about SS than she did winning, she would be upset but recognize that this is her OWN doing. Clearly, she cares more about sticking it to DH than keeping her son safe.

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Great response to her. 

You are in the right, anyone who can’t see that is blind.

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You guys did exactly what you were supposed to do. You also had the perfect response for Gma. Your only priority as a parent is keeping SS safe, it is a shame BM couldn't be a person trusted to do that.