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I stumbled upon this sight while surfing the internet and I couldn't believe how many people go through the same grief that my family is going through.

A little background information on my family. I have been married to my husband for 14 years and his ex-wife has been a thorn in our side from day one. I have a 21 year old SS and a 19 year old SD and a 10 year old BS.

The latest drama the ex has caused is accussing my hubby and I of abuse against the SD. Had us both thrown in jail and our BS taken by DHS for two months. On top of that the ex has turned hubby into DHS as a dead beat dad and suing him for $14,000.00. They are holding $600.00/month from hubby's check until we can go to the hearing to prove we have paid all along. The worst part is what it is putting our 10 year old BS through. The SD has not seen or spoken to her father in over a year because of the lies BIOMOM has told. The SS still comes around once every other month to see his step-brother.

I just wonder when it ends or if it ever does end?


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I'm glad that you found this site! I know, I too have been shocked by how many people are in the same kind of situation as me. It's kind of scary if you think about it.

I don't know if it really ever ends. I guess I will find out as time goes on.

I hope that you find this site helpful!


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I'm glad you found the site. You'll find that misery loves company. We all have good days and bad ones, ups and downs. My husband, I swear has the ex from hell, and there are only a few things now that can take me to my happy place. I've got about ten months more of support but my husband can't deal with the ex anymore, and it appears that if he did indeed try, he would probably be arrested. She's already tried to do that on numerous occasions as well as charged him with false allegations of abusing both of my SK's. And that was much earlier in our marriage. Now, the only one left at home is my SD who lives with the ex, and she is the about the devil incarnate. She's completely gone over the edge, and now I am fighting off defammation statements that she posted on the internet two weeks ago. And her mother's a complete lunatic so we don't make any progress or success with the situation. I can truly empathize with your comments. Try to hang in there and remember that there are many others of us out here with you. Keep us up to date on how things are going.

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Hi, That's exactly how I found this site and felt that I had found a life line! It's a safe place to vent without hurtful ramifications. And as you see, there are, unfortunately a lot of us. I can't say if it will've gotten much further than I have. I'm still trying to survive the first year!!

Anyway, welcome...

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I'm a divorce and stepfamily mediator and I work with divorced or separated couples every day. Sometimes, like you, I just want to scream..."Don't you see what you are doing to your child?" One thing I can offer is that if you write with a problem, and it applies to others--which all these problems do--I can write a column about it ( I write a syndicated column for the newspaper and they are posted on our website) and you can send a link to all the appropriate people. It's sort of someone else other than you saying, "See? I told you to stop it!"

Hope I can help.

Best regards,

Jann Blackstone-Ford