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SD Equals Selfish

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Well, I thought I would post on the selfishness of my step-daughter. Hubby called her and the step-son last week to inform them of Christmas plans for this year. He called them both back on Friday to tell them what time we would be eating, etc. We had Christmast at our home with hubby's parents and sister yesterday and invited both of the step-children. When hubby spoke to them they both said Christmas Eve was perfect for them. Step-son showed up and and we really enjoyed him. Step-daughter was a NO SHOW! First, it was really hard to even invite the SD after all she has done to us, but hubby wants one big happy family so I "forgave". Then she's a no show. You should have seen the hurt on hubby's face. If she didn't want to come, why didn't she just say she had other plans or something or even be honest for a change and say she doesn't want to be a part of the family. It's really irritating to see someone so selfish that she couldn't even call and say she wasn't going to make it after all. I guess I'm not surprised, but it still makes me angry!


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The anger for me comes from watching these people *hurt* our loved ones. I often loose sight that these people (Skid's) were our SO's "loved ones" long before 'we' came along......

But...Because I don't share the bond with oldest SD in my case, I'm less forgiving of her..for hurting my guy. I don't have warm loving memories to buffer my anger and resentment...all I see is selfish *bio-mom-mini-me*....who is out to get her own way no matter who she hurts.

I have to try to tame my *harshness* towards I don't push him around the other way and make him feel he has to *defend* her .to me... at a certain point. YOu know remind me that she's not a total self-abosorbed monster!!! Right now he is sooooo hurt and angry that's all he's seeing too.....but like I said he has warm-fuzzy childhood memories with her to mellow him out....over time. So they'll forgive llllllllloooooooooooonnnnnnggggggggggg before we will. That's my 'theory' anyway.... Smile

Don't let her selfishness and immaturity seep into your otherwise happy holiday memories..... (I'm trying to practice what I'm preaching here!) lol Smile