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SKIDS ignoring me all day, well they paid for that!

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LOL - OH is annoyed.

They have been playing the "ignore Luchay" game again of late... I bitched to my OH about it last night and he tells me I imagine it....

It's my dd's birthday today, she turned 8.

We all went to the beach for the day. Was sunny and lovely.

When we get there I lay out the blanket and tell ALL four of the kids - sd13, dd11, ss10 and dd8-today to ALL put on sunscreen.

My dd's do as they are told and put it on, and put it on properly, even miss just turned 8.....

skids ignored me, grabbed the boogie boards and went into the water.

Guess who came home sunburnt and who didn't?

And OH is blaming himself for not applying their freaking sunscreen...... if an 8 yo can do it surely at 10 and 13 they should be more than capable of hearing an instruction and doing it properly? Apparently not these two snowflakes.

AND I am sure the story will change by the time BM hears why they are burnt - mean old Luchay let the dd's wear sunscreen but wouldn't let us have any - it will be all my fault and she will be blowing up OH's phone about what an evil whore I am....

Oh well. That's life, my kids are sleeping comfortably.


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You are pathetic for coming on to 90% of the threads on this site, reading what you want to read & interpreting it completely opposite of the truth, and attacking members.

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HRNYC STRIKES AGAIN! Spreading animosity and spewing her venom and vitriol to ruin the day.... SMH

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10 and 13? Absolutely they can do it themselves, and it's not like you ignored them and just told your bios.
I'm a big believer in natural consequences, I see no issue with this, you reminded them, they ignored that's theirs and your DHs problem.

This similar scenario has happened in our house, minus the bios.
I'm not forcing my hands onto the bodies of my step kids to cover them in sunscreen when they have been told to already and won't, suffer the consequences and next time they might listen

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Hopefully this was a learning experience for your Skids. No need to cater to a 10 & 13yo when it comes to some basic instructions and this is definately a direct consequence that they hopefully learn from.

Let us know how the spin on this turns out with BM. It will likely be interesting.

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When it comes to a child's health and well being, all bets are off.
An adult should have those kids put on sunscreen.

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Exactly. When Luchay told them to and they refused their father should have done it. Maybe all of them will learn a lesson in following directions on this. She did her job.

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This is a health issue so both adults share the blame on this one.

Missing out on ice cream or some other special treat as a result of ignoring SM is one thing. Allowing them to get a burn is just crazy. I don't think adults should play around with health and safety.

I agree, dad should have forced them to use sunscreen.

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I agree, she couldn't force the kids to do it. However, she could have called dad out on his lack of action which may have resulted in him forcing the kids to apply the sunscreen.

I get allowing them to pay for their choices (missing out on something fun). But that goes out the window when it comes to a health/safety issue.

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Its a sunburn......from the November sun. Lets not be acting like she was letting them drink unmarked bottled in a meth lab. There werent out in Death Valley in August, getting third degree burns that required medical attention.

They went to the beach, and got a little burned. Not a big deal.

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Damn straight.

Not to mention that she is in a position where saying ANYTHING AT ALL to Daddy Dearest would get HER chewed out for the rest of the least.

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NO....NOT both adults.

DH....the biological father. HE is solely responsible for his kids.

The SM did her job, she have them an instruction. They are ignoring her.

The skids paid the price for being little s**ts to their SM.

Do NOT put this on the OP.

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It was up to DH to call those kids back and make them put on sunscreen or threaten to remove them from the beach. Just like you took responsibility for telling your kids and making sure they put it on (not doing it for them), he should have done the same.

Geez, it's not like they are TODDLERS for Heaven's sake. I agree wholeheartedly that sun is dangerous and everyone should take proper precautions, but at some point in life, they need to learn how to take responsibility. Hopefully, this was a learning experience for them AND for DH.

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Never in a million years would I force my hands on a skid body and rub lotion on them. Never.

I put the lotion on my baby, and on my 4 yr old. Then I offer it to them, if they decline, so be it. Sd has already made one fasle report of abuse, so I wont put my hands on them for ANY reason.

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You're surprised that DH gets a pass?? Stepmoms are always the only ones to blame. Especially when DH and BM are both involved with the skid. It's still always the SM's fault. Wink

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When we were last on vacation, my SS wasn't taking sun protection seriously. He's inherited his mother's pale complexion so he burns easily.

I didn't have to force him to apply lotion on himself.

I didn't even have to nag him.

I just went into a very detailed explanation of what a sun burn feels like. How your skin cells die and your skin feels like it is tightening around your body. Even a bed sheet lying on you feels painful. Then, after the burning sensation subsides, your skin starts to crack and peel. Newer skin cells pop out the old ones and you look like you have vitiligo or some other skin disorder. SS didn't know what vitiligo was. After one google image search...SS was applying lotion on himself thoroughly.

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While I do not think luchay is pathetic...I would have handled different. And I am VERY disengaged. I would have made sure that DH made them put on sun screen. (at least the 10 year old)

This is kind of a safety issue.

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Oh well, sucks to be them. They're not gonna die from one stupid sunburn. Geeze, back in the day, we'd pour baby oil into coca cola and use that to get tanned! She told them to do it, they ignored her, DH probably stood there like an ass and ignored her too, so now let him go rub Aloe all over them so they can sleep. She did her part.

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Been there, done that. One time I was out with SD, she was about 9 or 10, DH was doing some sort of outdoor activity. SD absolutely point blank refused to put on sunscreen, we were going to be out several hours. I told her, "Fine, you don't put it on, you stay in the car." SD is pouting and being a brat, we get to where DH is, he asks why she is in the car, I explain, he tells her she doesn't have to put on sunscreen and lets her get out. :jawdrop: You can't win.

HRNYC, should I have held her down and applied the sunscreen? Am I pathetic for posting this story?

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DH and the skids are tools. did your due diligence. It's on your DH and the skids to pay attention and follow directions.

You can clearly see who is raising their kids correctly in this situation.

Ignore the jerks blaming you for the sunburn.

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Oh I am certainly not wearing this one don't worry.

I am also NOT gloating. I am/ was pissed off that

A. They ignored me yet again (I just get that blank face then they walk away)

B. OH was right there when I said it and didn't make them come back and apply it, blames himself FOR NOT FORCIBLY APPLYING IT TO THESE KIDS WHO ARE MORE THAN OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW HOW BY NOW FFS, and because even being right there and SEEING it he can't acknowledge they ignore me.

And no, I will never forcibly touch them myself, BM would go (even more) beserk.

Yes I LOL'd in the OP but more at the fact that instead of holding them responsible for not following an instruction and doing something they needed to do HE is solely to blame as if they were three years old. I worry what they will grow up to be, hell sd is almost there but has less of a concept of personal responsibility than my just turned 8yo.

I fear we will be babying these children til the day we die. And actually I want more from life for them than that, I want them to know success, to feel the satisfaction and pride of achievement, I want them to be happy, productive adults ffs.

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LOL - yes - OH spent the rest of the evening applying after sun cream to their poor burnt baby bodies (gag me)

I know that sounds heartless, but really they MADE the choice not to apply it.

They ARE NOT BABIES - I just wish he would hold them accountable and teach them to be responsible for their choices - instead he blames himself - his ONLY fault was in not telling them to come back, put on the damn sunscreen and not be so rude when someone speaks to them.

He is not responsible for their choice not to any more than I am.

I do strongly believe at 10 and 13 they are capable of making educated decision about sunscreen.