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Holiday Inn

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This is a rant but advice appreciated. So if any of you read my last post, I've majorly backed off with SD8. Last night we watched a movie together and that's the most time I've spent with her since my big blow up. This weekend I've had to go shopping and spend my own money on skids which makes me feel very resentful. They don't even like me. This weekend they told me I'm not fun. Why do I have to go shopping for their clothes and shoes. Every weekend they show up, complain, make a huge mess, and leave. I told my SD8 I'm not her personal maid and made her clean up her bathroom mess. While my DH supports me, we agreed last week he'd take the wheel with her! He needs to be overseeing her behavior!!!!!! My house isn't a hotel and I'm not their concierge/maid!!!!!!


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Bc I feel guilty bringing home clothes for my bio kids and nothing for them. DH knows that I hate feeling like the evil stepmom

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I use to buy Sd gifts on my daughters birthday. It was not appreciated or even remembered

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You dad pays child support to your mom for clothes and that's her job.   That's what I said.  These are my kids and this is my job to buy them clothes. 

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Yes, this, OP - if your ex gives you child support for your kids then explain that their dad sends you money to help buy them clothes, and DH sends their mom money to help buy HIS kids clothes (if he does pay CS).  So their mom will be taking them to get clothes.