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Home schooled bio's, public schooled skids?

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Has anyone decided to home school their bio's while their skids still attend public schools? How did that work out, and what was your custody arrangement. Just curious of any and all experiences...even if its just through a friend. Thanks Smile


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I homeschooled my 3 bios, and my 2 SD's went to their private Christian school. Mine all 3 GED'd at 16 and started community college/working right away. (and one teen parenting, we are not perfect)

SD21 dropped out at 18 and ran off, lives on the streets somewhere with BM

SD18 is getting ready to start senior year part deux.

DH and I have different ideas on parenting, but I have an extremely close relationship with my daughters, and he is clinging to his rude little princess, hoping she doesn't run off like her sister.

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My SD is primarily with us, however, her parents (my husband and BM) would not be able to put the effort into HS for her, and BM probably wouldn't want it anyway. I also have to wonder if I would want to be home all day with SD, watching her AND schooling her. But I will be doing it for DS abd DD. I am wondering how this will affect my relationship with SD. I am wondering if my bio's will want to go to PS because SD does too.

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Yes, if you re read what I wrote, it says I have NO INTEREST in HS my SD. For many reasons!