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Oh FFS...

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BM is in the hospital. Again. Which probably means she will lose this job she JUST got after being unemployed for several months.

For those who don't recall, BM goes to the hospital A LOT. Every time, they tell her she is fine. The worst things she has been diagnosed with are carpal tunnel and fibro. This makes it "difficult" for her to work or hold down a job.

HOWEVER, SOMEHOW DH manages to work with needing double knee replacements (and we're talking amputate-at-the-femur, full resconstructive surgery replacements) and CONSTANT pain in his knees and shoulder. My mom twisted up her good knee and ended up with blood clots, yet she has been hobbling around as a nurse for a PCP. And my SF has fracking steel rods in his back an neck, along with diabetes, and he's hauling water softeners up stairs into new apartments and fixing ACs in the blazing heat!

Yet a GD air conditioned factory was too much? Being a home health aide has finally set her over the edge?! FFS!

The kicker? She has been in since Wednesday. She JUST called DH last night to ask him to pick up the kids at exchange tonight.

So who has been with them for their first three days of school? That's right - her newest XH.

No, let's not call Dad who ia 35 minutes away. Let's not let him figure out how to get them to school. No, let's call ex-pill popper deadbeat who lives even further away and the kids HATE to help them kick off the school year right.

I'm trying to have empathy, but it's running thin. If it isn't one thing, it's another. I just want to shake her and tell her to GROW THE EFF UP!


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Wow, she's a living, breathing clusterf*ck, isn't she?? Gads.

So does this mean you and DH will have the kids until she's released for her imaginary hangnail?

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No freaking clue. No idea what she is in for other than stomach pain. No idea how long she'll be there. Nothing. It's DH's weekend anyway, so we'll have them until at least Sunday.

We can get them to school. Getting them home is a little more difficult. We'd need to rely on family to help, though I don't think that would be a problem short-term.

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I guess she has thyroid issues, too? When she was pregnant with OSS, she had to be put on a ton of steroids because she wouldn't gain weight and almost lost him. Since then, she has put on 80 pounds that she can't lose. She says it's her thyroid.

My thoughts? That's just her family. All the women in her family are large, and she looks just like them. GBM has a long list of medical issues, too, I guess. I just wonder how much is real versus perceived.

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Hashimoto's disease is sometimes characterized by the thyroid becoming overactive then underfunctioning. It didn't happen that way with me, but it did with my DD24. With the birth of my first child, my thyroid stopped working. Within 3 months I was hallucinating and the dr said I should have been in a coma judging by the blood test he took for organ function. I've been on meds ever since, but they keep my thyroid healthy and I am able to lose weight.

My daughter hasn't ever been pregnant, but she developed Hashimoto's disease. The symptoms were of an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). She took meds to chill her thyroid out and the dr. said at some point, her thyroid would become underactive like mine (hypothyroidism).

Fact is, if treated with thyroid meds, you should function normally and be able to gain/lose weight just like any other person.

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Was my DH married to same woman???

when BM demanded increase inspousal support, judge asked why doesn’t she work? She never held full time job in her life. She said she can’t work with her disabilities. Judge asked what disabilities and she said she has fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel. She couldn’t produce any formal diagnosis 

my DH about fell over. He knows her for 33 years and she never had any disabilities or diagnosis besides  BPD. she never had fibro or carpal tunnel.