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Husband is Back, Stalker BF, and Belly Aches

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(I tried paragraphs, but it was a no go.)  Just when you think the crazy train is slowing down, you realize the crew was just getting more coal.


The last time BM dropped off the kids, she was wearing her wedding rings. Hmm, interesting since she hasn't said a single nice word about her DH/STBXH and he had filed for divorce - they even had a court date. Apparently GBM was getting on BM's nerves, so she moved STBXH back in to babysit while she works. I guess that makes her a dual income house now?


Well, dual income until she gets fired or quit her job. As soon as he moved back in, she started complaining of severe stomach pains so she can't work and is trying for FMLA. I firmly told DH that her options will be to figure it out or the boys would live with us; we're NOT supplementing her. I personally think that now that she doesn't HAVE to work full time because her DH lives there with a bit of income from SSD that she'll go part time or not work at all. It's what she did with DH when they were married and he joined the military. However, she says she is looking for a new job, so maybe I'm wrong.


So in addition to BMDH being back and BM being shakily employed, her married boyfriend (maybe XBF now?) has been driving past her house without stopping. Her solution? Drive past his house and wave to him from her car. WTF?!


This is ALL information that has been shared freely with DH and I. Not sure why it has been shared, but I guess it's better to know when the crazy is ramping up. Let's just hope cops don't get involved this time, because apparently that has been an issue in the past...




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Well BM sounds like quite the charmer there... I'm so sorry lt_dad. I really hope that it goes smoother than you're expecting! Because this just sounds chaotic for everyone involved... Good for you for setting the stipulation in advance. That'll at least keep stuff from happening later I hope.

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I tried them too. It did not work. I hope things work out for you. It is good you have aheads up for what may come down the road.