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Give Me Strength for Grad Weekend

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Y'all, lend me your strength and positive energy because tomorrow is going to be a test of my wits and patience.

OSS graduates from high school.

They're doing a drive-thru ceremony.

It's only one car per family.

I'm sure you can add up the variables and come to the solution, but in case word problems weren't your strong suit (no worries, not mine, either), I will be sharing a vehicle with BM and her DH for a few hours.

And I can't pregame because I'm likely going to be driving so DH can watch and take pictures (my choice).

*deep, cleansing breaths*


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You already know how I feel about this. I'd rather chew tin foil than be stuck in a hot van with my skids bm for hours. My post game would be epic, though. Cheers, darlin!

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Same as beebeel, you know my thoughts on this too.

Aniki, my suggestion was also to tie BM to the roof lol!  Although maybe LD could set herself up there with an umbrella and a cooler of cocktails.....

You are a strong soul, LD.  I went to YSS's graduation and I am sure the expression I forced when we ran into BM looked like a death rictus. 

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The post-game involves an entire bottle of wine and mandatory Chinese food. Wink

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driveby was one car per family and she didn't want to deal with the dynamics of being from a blended family.  AKA she didn't want to deal with the VI and his hysterics over having to be in the car with me and DD didn't want to exclude my DH from ceremony.  

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we refer to him as the village idiot...or VI for short.

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OSS and DH both act like they don't care, but I know they do. OSS would be upset if DH didn't go, and DH would kick himself for not going. BM is more into the pomp and circumstance of it all, and she'd throw holy hellfire if he didn't go.

So, I'll brave face it for OSS and DH.

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Oh dear god, no.  You are a strong person. DH and I would both have to bow out of that one.

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If OSS were PASed and/or barely graduated, I'd agree. But he did a lot of hard work to earn this, and we have a good relationship. So, I'll play nice...

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Nope, I would have to sit that one out.  

Since it's a drive by, what's to stop one car from circling back through with different passengers?

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And really...limiting the number of CARS per family is just stupid. With the number of kids who have divorced parents, there will be a lot of people missing out.

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Best of luck to you! At least being in the driver seat you have a modicum of control. Congratulations to your OSS!

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BioHo would be duct tapped to the damn roof with an oversized ball gag. Gaaaaaaaah!!!

LD, is someone counting the cars?? Capturing license plate pics? I honestly do not understand how this can be enforced. Especially if someone has a restraining order against the ex. I know that's not the case, but this is total horsepuckey. 

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Yes. It's our vehicle. Not a snowballs chance that I'm not getting front seat privileges.

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To answer a question really quickly:

It's, like, 400 students. The way they are doing it is that you drive up with the grad, grad gets out of car, grad walks across stage and gets diploma, grad turns in gown, grad gets back in car.

I gotta give the school props for thinking through how to NOT have multiple cars go through. But also - damn the school for decent logistics.

ETA: The actual ceremony with speeches and whatnot is tonight. They are live streaming it from the school from the stage they're using for tomorrow, which is kind of cool. They're trying to give an "authentic feel and look" so that every memory of graduation isn't "oh yeah, that pandemic thing".

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Does the vehicle have a roof rack? *lol*

What a clever - but sucky - way to minimize traffic. Still see no reason why the kid can't ride with you and your DH while BM is in the car behind you...

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The school is on a major road in and out of the city. I can see why they don't want tons of cars because traffic is already going to be dangerous. I don't blame the school - they're working with what they got. BUT, it's not ideal. :/

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Nah. Get her some rollerblades and a tow rope. *dirol*

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This is actually a GREAT solution that I have ZERO time to implement. Fuuuu....!!!!

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I'll be thinking of you.  Just wear your sunglasses and mask to disguise your expression of disgust. Deep breaths.

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Now that would be hilarious. Or depending on BM's political affiliation Trump or Hilary. Blum 3

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1 car per family?

Dh's family...1 car.  Bm's family.... car.

What are they gonna do....turn one of the cars away? Lol

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If they issue entrance tickets for the cars, yes they will turn you away if you don't have one.

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Nope...nope nope.  You are better than I am.  The thought even makes me gag alittle.