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Eternal Teenager: An Update

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It has been a minute since I have given much of an update, mostly because much hasn't happened since OSS's graduation. But a few things to note:

1.) BM (aka, Eternal Teenager) got a full-time job. Bets on how long that will last? She has already complained about how EXHAUSTED she is.

2.) BM's DH bought a motorcycle. Now, I am all for SPs not having to buy things for their SKs. But, given that BM has cried "poor" recently and her DH was the one who didn't want her working (per her), I just scratch my head and think "well Dumba$$ Husband of BM's, what did you THINK was going to happen when you told her she didn't have to work?"

3.) Apparently BM and BM's DH called the boys "yahoos" because they wear masks in public. *major eye roll*

4.) OSS and I have bonded a bit recently. He has shared his ideas about the world with me and we've had some great discussions. He has also expressed his dissatisfaction with BM (and to some extent, DH). He is fully aware of BM's shenaniganry, and while I know he loves her, he is more vocal about being tired of her. He has confirmed many things I had always thought. I just try to listen and help provide context to navigate the situation. Apparently YSS is waking up to the BS, too.

5.) YSS goes back to school at the end of the month, so I think I am wrapping up my final 50/50 stint to go back to EOWE. He's going in-person, which will be good for him. BM had called early last week to give DH a head's up about school (and to ask DH to take YSS to the doctor for his annual appointment - a first!), and I truly was worried that he would do distance learning and 50/50 would continue. I couldn't handle that. Either he'd need to live here and visit BM EOWE or vice versa. Two weeks on/off was not going to be good for him with school.

That's likely it for now. As school approaches, I'm sure my blood will boil over about some BS.


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BM's job is causing her health issues.  The stress is killing her.  It's not good for the kids, her working.  The manager is unfair and unreasonable.  Nobody likes the boss.  The kids wish she would just quit. Etc, etc, etc.

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Oh, that's a constant. This is job 8ish in 2-3 years. There is always some reason why she has to quit her job.