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Good feels

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Well child catcher had an afternoon booty call so demanded us to watch SD3 as we already had SD6 over

There was slight drama as early in the day SD6 and I had gone to Target to buy some our house only clothes. SD3 saw she was wearing new clothes and demanded a new dress. We tried to get her into the set SD6 had liked but was too short . Fit SD3 ok but after she ripped off the tags SD3 declared it was too tight. Lovely 

Child Catcher is getting fat. I normally never cared but I've gained weight and always seen her as some weird hippie wanna be goddess. Nope. She's got st least 60 pounds on me as I could see from the window ( I try to avoid contact when possible)

With the two kiddos I came up with a movie night plan . Bought popcorn , candy and some adorable pineapple cups with straws so they wouldn't spill. DH oddly spilits for a bit.

When we get back to the car he has pink roses for me "from the kids" . He asks them who's the best step mum ever and they declare " lady Tremaine!!"

I was not expecting this. But for all of us struggling just know sometimes there's a light at the end of the step hell. God knows what happens when they are teens...