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Place your bets. You folks were right on child catcher

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Quick tl;dr on my semi plight

Moved 1000 miles away with fiancee ( now DH) to chase after newly hippie dippie BM. BM is a disney mom since moving here . We had to get SD6 off bottles and cosleeping. SD3 rarely stays but she took herself off bottles after apparently puking it up at BMs

Weekend before last SD3 actually stayed over and almost the whole weekend but BM kept facetiming literally offering ice cream for her to come home

SD3 did turn it down but we were supposed to have her last Tuesday, last Thursday and this Tuesday

Surprise! Only SD6. I brought up this to DH and he gives the usual what can we do yadda yadda

Bets if she even shows for this weekend? I'm hoping so but also realizing I should disengage not from the girls but the situation with their bios. 

Until there's a court order BM will screw with things. The only foot down DH does is denying the kids on her weekends unplanned.

Going to focus on having fun with the kids when they are here and not on their bizarre attitude. If DH needs to vent on BM doing weird shit he can go elsewhere



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She will still screw with things even with a court order. But he will have more grounds to set limits on it.  He's afraid of losing his kids if he goes to court, but truthfully, he's going to lose them faster this way.

Be grateful she doesn't come over. If she has this much power at THREE, imagine what a horror show she's going to be at 13.