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Texas - Child support calculator

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So BM pays DH child support...kind of

They've always been able to agree on things so the child support she pays is significantly less than what the regular state calculator says, and it did not go through the courts, was just agreed upon.

SS just turned 18 and I know that there is going to be a talk about lowering it coming up REAL soon.

On the calculator I've found for Texas there is a portion that says "If you are providing (or can provide) health insurance for your children, enter the monthly premium amount." 

The thing is that the skids are on DH's insurance, BM has reveiwed her insurance twice now and decided to continue to keep them on DH's instead because it's way more affordable. BM pays half of the premium every month that pertains to the skids and any additional medical costs get split 50/50. 

So my question is, would BM actually enter in the premium for the insurance SHE has access to through her work, or would she put in the amount she pays DH every month for the skids to be covered under his insurance? It's a bit confusing I guess since traditonally the NCP would pay for insurance...



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Around here, whoever has the best and cheapest insurance provides coverage and the other pays part - so not just the NCP. So when DH went back to court because BM wanted more CS, both of them had to put what they would pay for a family plan through their employer. 

So my guess is that BM should put what it would cost her to insure SS and DH should put what it costs him.

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We are an income shares state so whoever covers medical is credited that amount.

Ex. Total income available = $10,000/mo.  

$6,000 of that comes from dad $4,000 from mom.  Dad is responsible for 60% and mom 40%.  Split is 50/50 so there are no offsets for difference in overnights.

Dad covers insurance at $100/mo. while his share is only $60. So he gets a $40 offset each month.

If mom were to cover at $120/mo. her share would be $48 meaning dad would have an additional $72 added to his monthly obligation.

In our case, both parents have coverage that is within guidelines but SOs is much better so he covers it and has a monthly offset. 

BM is also responsible for the first ~$800 out of pocket on medical expenses (2 kids) before their income split takes effect on any other ordinary medical expenses.  That additional responsibility falls to the payee regardless of CP vs NCP designation.

Just looking at the TX calculator it would appear that covering medical/dental is just a reduction in net income before they calculate the flat percentage. 

I would assume (and possibly incorrectly based on the way its worded) that she would only include that dollar amount if she were actually going to provide medical/dental coverage for the kids.  

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I wish it would reduce the percentage! They just get a credit for the exact amount. Two kids is 25% it looks like it is a percentage but if you change the amount you can see how it goes up and down. 

They ask for proof of the amount before they give you a credit.