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Insurance update

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So after a week the case worker responded with this.

He has not asked anything else nor did he answer my questions so I am leaving bs on my insurance....he was pissed I switched over to going through the state but I can't work with him nor do I want to spend 2k to have my lawyer try and work with him.

Message: Hello, I referred this question to a Medical Child Support worker. She reveiwed your court order and said that you are ordered to carry the insurance and he is ordered to pay a $xxx/month contribution towards the insurance premium. If he were to place bd10 on his insurance without first changing the Court Order, he would still have to pay the $xxx/month and you would still be required to carry bs10 on your insurance. If you were to take him off your insurance, while still ordered to have him covered, you would then be 100% liable for any unreimbursed/uninsured medical bills. All that is to say, even if dads insurance is more cost effective, he would need to file a motion to change the medical language in your current Order.


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Not going to hold my

He has to file... I can't. Everything is my fault.

Tonight we have conferences so that will be fun. Oh and I offered him extra time outside the co with MEA, He is supposed to get bs Wed night but he has an appointment so he asked if I could drive across town after work to drop bs off. His wife for an ear infection last week and can t do it for him. I said I you think he even said thank you...nope .

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Document the offered,accepted, then refused extra time. It show's his behavior if he ever does attempt something in court.

I'm sure he's going to LOVE getting locked into paying for extra insurance for no reason.
I'm not sure how things work if there is a change in the parenting plan but most insurance companies only allow changes one time of the year or under major life changes like marriage or birth. I'm sure he'd need to present court orders and lots of extra paperwork to change the plan after open enrollment. Same on your end so even if there is an adjustment be aware of that.