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Court Today....Judge has ruled

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Just talked to BF and he gets to keep the tax exemption every other year. All contempt charges were dropped against him. But the judge ordered mediation on all her violations of the Joint Parenting Agreement (WTF?) and on the chiropractor and couseling bills. Basically as BF's attorney put it, he is giving her a chance to correct herself. Her contempt charges have not been dropped and can be reinstated if she fails to cooperate with the mediation. I personally am not happy about the mediation at all as 1) she won't be punished for what she has already done in violation of the agreement and 2) she is going to make our not keeping him every other weekend an issue and I don't want to go back to that. She made our lives hell when we had him on the weekends and it is just to much involvement with her. Not only that she made ss's life that way by her unrelenting questioning of him when he did stay with us. I would rather drop all the contempt charges then go back to that.


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Sorry she isn't being held accountable for her too-numerous-to-count violations of the parenting agreement, but I'm glad to hear that BF keeps his tax exemption every other year and the contempt charges against him were dropped. That speaks volumes, actually. The judge does indeed see that BM is guilty as sin and BF is doing the right thing. He still sounds a little BM biased though, in that he is not punishing her. I mean, she didn't just do one thing and then own up to it and apologize. You have a laundry list miles long of her violations. I guess the judge has hope of her getting her act right simply by way of mediation, but I find that just laughable. I'm sorry to hear you're in for more of her making your life a living hell. We're here for you!

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I'm sorry to be so cynical, but this has always been our experience. After this, you'll go to mediation and decisions will be made. BM may or may not follow the decisions made during mediation . If not, you go back to court where the judge will slap BM on the wrist, and order another mediation. After paying lawyer, court, and mediation fees for a few years, and struggling financially because of it, you give up and hope the skids reach 18 soon! Our system sucks!

I'm glad your bf got to keep the tax exemption. It seems like judges will rule (usually fairly, in my experience) on the money issues, but when it comes to the child and parenting road blocks, judges don't want to hear it, much less rule on it.

Like I said, I'm sorry to be so cynical, but my experiences with the family court system have been a waste of time and money.

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Unfortunately, I have to agree with that the court system is horrendous. It takes a LOT for anyone to really get punished, things are always postponed, and nothing much gets accomplished besides the lawyer getting paid. In the past 2 years, DH and I have pissed away over $10K and we still have no permanent custody order.

GOOD FOR YOU though that DH gets to keep his e/o/y exemption and it's SUPER that the contempt charges were dropped. I am afraid that you might be right re: the mediation...but can you maybe agree to some kind of modification as long as you're ordered to meet? I read that you do not want to keep SS overnight. Can you instead have him e/o weekend all day until maybe 8 pm or something? Also, did the accusations that she made come up at all? Any sign that she might be willing to end that nonsense?