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Sometimes life isn't about YOU

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Or YOUR FEELINGS, or YOUR 'NEEDS', or wants, or whatever it is you do with your life BM. Somethings are about US, and SD8 sometimes needs to be with US and sometimes you need to put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES and let life happen. Yes, it was gracious of you to allow SD to go to her grandfathers funeral.. HOWEVER, if you were going to call at 5 after the random time you dictated she be home by to harrass FDH. Maybe you should have just kept her home.

We did not agree to said dictated time, we told you that we didn't know when we could get her back. YOU are a bitch. You should not have planned a sleep-over for SD on the SAME NIGHT as her grandfathers funeral, THAT YOU KNEW ABOUT a week (really a few weeks) in advance. FIL passed away in June, you were told then that the celebration of life would be pushed off to today, because it is his birthday. Couldn't you have just left FDH and his family ALONE for one day? ONE DAY.

Somethings, you self-centered cretin, are more important than you. This was one of them.


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She had a choice though. She wanted a set return time, FDH said he could not do that. There was her choice, say no without a set time... or let it go and SD comes home when we get her home. The choice was not "send the kid and assume no means yes, then call and bitch out a grieving man while he is with his grieving family".

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Even in a situation like that she needed to have control and be the center of attention. Sad My condolences to your family.

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I'm sorry for your loss.

Unfortunately, it's all about her. BM is like this...

When my dad was dying, SS was with BM (it was her weekend) but she called demanding that DH pick up SS because she had something she needed to do. When he told her what was going on she threw a screaming fit saying that she didn't care about my family, she wanted to go to a concert and they were going to be late and he had better come get SS. I told him to go get him. We'd be fine.

When some obscure aunt in her family died that SS had never even met she was pissy because SS said he didn't want to go to her funeral.(She even admitted SS didn't know this woman)

When DH's great grandmother died (SS was close to her) BM threw a fit that DH was taking him to the funeral.