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Sickness and BM1 butting into our Vacation

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I've finally succumbed to the millions of nasty virus' floating around this year. I generally do not get sick, I get colds every year but I almost never get "really" sick. I had a fever for the first time in memory on Wednesday night and skipped class. Went to the Doc on Thursday and left with a pile of meds and the diagnosis of "well, you probably have/ have had the flu for the last couple weeks.. and I can hear that you're getting pneumonia. No you don't need x-rays, you have decreased lung function on your left side, I can hear it." I guess I either catch nothing or catch it all.

Is It THAT hard?!

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SD6 is here, she STILL has lice. Just fucking shoot me. Last visit we bought the medication, we picked and combed and picked and combed. She was louse-free but still had some nits. All BM had to do was keep combing and re-treat in 7 days. We even sent the MF medication home with her!

O/T Car Accident

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I was just driving along, and someone who was too damned eager for their Dunkin' Donuts took the left too soon and hit my rear wheel. Instead of hitting the breaks, they continued to make the turn, catching my bumper with theirs and pulling it halfway off.

SD6 has gone off the deep end

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She might beat all of your skids to jail!

In the last two weeks she has blown her top on four different occasions that I know of. I only know of four because ALL FOUR resulted in SO or BM2 having to go pick her up from school early. Today's was actually so bad that SD6s class was being taught in the cafeteria because it took SO, BM2, SD6, and a teacher an HOUR AND A HALF to clean the disaster she made when she lost it.

Just a Giggle on the topic of BMs looking like SMs

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The weekend was full of it's usual stupidity and embarrassment, nothing to really write brand new. Well, the girls did get into a elbowing/screaming fight in the grocery store and some poor old woman who we had to be near went "ooooh, got your hands full" as she walked away. BUT! That's not what this is about!

We're having lunch and SD8 is going on, and on, and ON about BM and her sister and BMs BF. I'm floating in and out on paying attention. So it seems sudden to me that SD is talking about her mom dying her hair.

Sometimes life isn't about YOU

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Or YOUR FEELINGS, or YOUR 'NEEDS', or wants, or whatever it is you do with your life BM. Somethings are about US, and SD8 sometimes needs to be with US and sometimes you need to put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES and let life happen. Yes, it was gracious of you to allow SD to go to her grandfathers funeral.. HOWEVER, if you were going to call at 5 after the random time you dictated she be home by to harrass FDH. Maybe you should have just kept her home.