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court with BM1 today

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Fdh is still there because she wouldn't budge on him getting make up time. But they were in mediation. For TWO HOURS, and settled some stuff. She had a new lawyer today and I'll bet he's done after this too.

*fdh is not in arrears.
*fdh does, in fact have electricity andheat in his house.
*SD does have a bed
*we do own a working vehicle.
So overnight visits were reinstated. But bm got one little thing. We have to put a bedrail on SD s bed.. bm insists she rolls out of bed and is "afraid" SD will get hurt at our house.

She really wanted the probate officer to agree SD needs her own bedroom at our house, even though she shares at her ownhhouse, where she lives. All week... probate officer and lawyer looked at her like she was nuts.

There was a whole song and dance about extracurricular activities. Fdh said he was more than happy to have SD in some as long as bm discusses them with him. But he pointed out he is way more concerned that SD cant read so maybe they should invest in a tutor instead.

He's getting two phonecalls a week. Bm insisted she has no phone, that she only has a state phone and she shouldn't be required to waste her precious minutes letting SD talk to fdh. So fdh will be getting SD a track phone. Its in the co that if the phone is list stolen or damaged on BMS time she will be replacing it within a week.

So all that's left is fdh getting his make up time for all the skipped visits which had to be brought to the judge because bm started bawling and refusing every option given for make up time.


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That's how I felt it should be also. Bm does not work, lives in state housing, has a state phone, and has SSI and CS for income. Sd cant even fucking read. Her "mother" has obviously failed and sd deserves a fair chance at life. She honestly is a good kid.

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FormerAAGirl - I wish we had a judge like yours! Our BM never gets put in her place like she should.

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Make sure he gets a phone that can only call certain numbers so you don't wind up paying for BM's calls. After all she only had those precious minutes, you don't want her using SD's phone when she runs out.

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I sure wished all judges would cut the pity party, victim speak from the get-go.

"Your honor, I only have an Obamaphone..." "Your honor, I can't afford gas to take skids to x, y and z" "Your honor, boohoohoooooooo!"

Judge says: "If you expect to have the lifestyle of a productive member of society, BECOME a productive member of society!"

Not sure how old your SD is but so many of these entitled GU BMs think that they shouldn't have to work EVER because they are the MOOOOOMMMM...even after the skid is in school almost the entire day long.