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**UPDATE** Animal killer, Ratchet and BF

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ChzyBob20  had the best name for them!

All three have been arrested. My employee has done the line up on each of them and they are awaiting arraignment. He is meeting with a victim's advocacy group to get some help today. I am hoping to find out their names to look up all the charges later today when he is back to work. 

I am just glad they have been caught. DH is sure that it is a combo of drugs and alienation for his own daughter to do all of that. It has still struck me to my core that someone could do that to their own father. Especially a man who from what I can tell is a decent and hardworking man. I know that we don't know all the sides but nothing indicates that he would ever deserve this and certainly NEVER an innocent house cat. 


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I'm glad they have been arrested and I hope your co-worker and his family gets some help. I just can't even imagine.

When my apartment was robbed many years ago and I had no renter's insurance, my co-workers did a collection for me. I didn't lose as much as your co-worker but it was such a nice gesture. I did get insurance, after that!

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I hope they face maximum penalty for animal cruelty, breaking and entering, theft, destruction of property, trespassing, etc.

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I feel for your employee, I really do. But someone mentioned on your other blog about being alert about all of the drama in his life coming into the workplace. I am the director in my office, and I have one of these. There is always some drama, some more extreme than others, keeping them from being fully present (whether physically or mentally). It started to flow into the rest of the office and effect our productivity as a whole. To combat this, I actually had to no longer allow this person to talk about their big dramas in the workplace. It isn't fair to everyone else and it isn't fair to our organization as a whole.

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That was my comment and I'm going to reproduce it here so the OP will be more likely to see it, as the initial blog is way back on the second page now! 

OP - 

You seem to have hired someone who has a lot of drama in his life and who has shown that he has no compunction about bringing the drama into his brand new workplace. 

Once this current crisis is past, there will then be something new happening that takes his attention and makes him miss more work. I'd keep an eye on this guy. Is he still within his probationary period?

OP, you are a very kind and motherly person and I get the impression you are feeling motherly toward this dude. A common dynamic in the workplace between female supervisors and male employees. I strongly advise you to keep it businesslike, make the guy make up the work he's missing, and ensure that he's a net asset to your company, not a charity case. I also agree with fakemommy that this guy should be discouraged from airing his dirty laundry at work and getting you and his other coworkers so excited and invested in his ongoing saga. Good luck. 

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Country and we always vented about everyday things but work was always done and we were so great at completing work effectively we helped other states. 

When you have a great supportive team environment at work its just normal to let this out so your coworkers are aware of things especially if you have to leave the office a bit. 

I take issue with your comment asking if he is probationary period because that implies company should fire him purely because of the issue of his ex and daughter destroying his house. Frankly speaking, this guy is working for a really crap company to fire him over this.

heck its no different to say someones parent(s) direct family passing away and being at work and not being able to handle complaint calls because they tear up and lose their patuent well.

compassion goes a long way in this situation. If you can’t just open up to your coworkers in a supportive environment and this includes whatever goes on in your life thats had a substantial effect, team morale easily goes down and work productivity.

nothing about this guy says he is non stop ranting being a chatterbox and not getting work done

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Yeah, we are a family around here. Small company that are all very close. I don't feel motherly towards a man that is 10 yrs my senior but I do feel for his ex-step kid who is in the middle of this nightmare! 

We aren't going to fire somone for having a bad week. If the drama continues, of course we will let him go, but this is beyond his control and we have a heart around here.


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Yeah, I'm with you - he's not causing this drama, it's happening to him.  I see no evidence that he's going to bring it in to work every week and miss work and be a problem. 

I'm a manager and I'd feel terrible for this guy - especially if he has an otherwise strong work record and this is just a rough time for him.  I think people are jumping the gun in being concerned that he's going to be a never-ending source of drama. 


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Agreed....but sounds very much how corporate america likes to treat employees....just a number.


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