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We are doing a re-vamp of our little bio's on the company web page. They want a sentance about our family in there. Is it wrong to say that I have 3 kids living at home? Not mention SS18 at all. 

And what do you call stb16,17 and 23? Kids seems silly considering they are all taller than me! LOL


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My personal feeling is that your company doesn't need a "personal family bio".. 

Maybe just say something more general like

JMTB is married and enjoys spending time camping on the weekends with her family. (no deets).

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Just "family" I think that's part of the weirdness of step families lately I see so much touting of "blended bonus look at us rocking co-existing " families. Every situation is different and I'm sure there are more challenges than shown, it's just no one talks about it. 

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honestly.. no one needs to blank check know the details of my family makeup.. whether I'm divorced.. married.. dating.. poly.. have kids.. don't have kids.. etc.. or even anything about me personally.. that I don't want to share in a one on one basis.  Instead of mentioning something about my specifics.. I might just put a general blurb about an activity I enjoy "outside of work".

JMTB has been with XYZ company for 12teen years.  She is an avid birdwatcher and enjoys baking for friends and family.

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No one has a right to any personal info.  Thus my bio states something like Crspyew has been with XYZ for over 10 years and is currently the COO. She has a passion for learning and process improvement.