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Phone and Electric continued.

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7pm last night a police officer shows up at our door. (Note: not the county sheriff department that we have been dealing with, the city police department- and our home is not within their juristiction.) Wellfare check on the kids, that mother showed him a court order that she is to have reasonable access by phone and our phone is turned off.

I will admit, I torqued up and asked him if he bothered trying to call the number before driving 20 miles outside his juristiction to come harass us. DH shut me down and showed the officer that the phone did work and the RO that the mother is not entitled to anything regarding the kids, in fact she is prohibited any kind of contact, including third party, which is what this cops visit for a 'wellfare check' was. Cop apologized and left.

I told DH then that within an hour DCFS would be at the door again. That she would have called in a complaint that there are three kids in a house with no electricity. My DH is still trying to convince himself she is not that vindictive and was convinced it would not happen. It took less than an hour. Not the same investigator as the other day. This was a young kid, who still walked up to the house and rang the (electric) doorbell, on a house that had darn near every light burning! To find out why we didn't have electricity.

I did file the police report yesterday. About the two accounts being cancelled. Every single account I have (even my expired/cancelled credit cards) are now password protected. I marked the box to prosecute. They will turn over to the DA for them to follow up and get the recordings.


I called the probation department this morning. Left a message that BM was in contact with someone that had an RO against her.
(Violation of BMs terms of release)

Called the School Resource officer to let him know where he could find sd18 since she has not been to school since she and BM hooked back up (violation of sd18s terms of release).

And while the other three kids are 6 hours shy of finishing their hours: SD has 20 hours done. She is going to end up going to jail, because now she is an adult. Maybe her and BM and be cellmates.


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I have an astronomical level of respect for you. I can't even imagine what it takes to keep your cool in these situations; let alone what it takes to continue to push through it day in and day out.

You've done everything right as far as I can tell. HUGE kudos to you!

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I am about one more incident from turning that hidden backwoods hilly billy buried deep inside loose on her ass.

I am thinking it would be worth the bail money and misd. charge of battery to jack her, just once!

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Oh wouldn't that be too sweet .. I'm SOOO tired of our BM spewing her "Bitch, I'm from the 'D', I will fuck your world up" comments/threats.

Sometimes I just want to say to her, "You may have been raised in a suburb 75 miles outside of Detroit, but I grew up IN the city of Baltimore. We don't talk shit where I come from, we DO it. This is your last warning."


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I too, am inpressed at how you are keeping your cool. I hope they throw her butt in jail.

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OMG I HOPE she calls my boss.

I would pay GOOD money to be in the room while SASX had her on speaker!!!

SASX- if she calls you HAVE to HAVE to conference me in!!!!

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Even if you can't get recordings from the utility companies....

Doesn't it just seem creepily coincidental that calls were made to shut off utilities; utilities were shut off; complaints were filed with police and DCFS that you had no working phone or electric? And all in the same 24 hr period?

I know some people out there dealing with the courts aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, but really? Isn't this obvious?

all you'd have to say is, "I don't need to know WHO filed the complaints, but I'm guessing they either are, or know who shut my utilities off."

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Holy crap. Your BM out ranks mine in craziness and stupidity. I hope they tear her ass up and send her to jail. What a effing nut job.

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Omg!!! You truly should win the craziest BM ever award girl!!!! She's obviously mentally unstable. That took some good thought & all to come up with that little plan!!!! How hysterical tho & I bet that cop felt like a total dumbass!!! Lmao-he didn't try to dial up the number first to check it. Wow. & of course checking out how the kids shouldnt be there without the electric- lmao again, while the lights & tv was probably obvious!!!

The police & such need to go back to investigating first before taking everything for its supposed "face value".

Your BM is the worst!!! I'm so sorry uyou have to deal with her!!!!

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South Florida. I am no more than 1 mile away from a gator that can eat any evidence at any given time Wink

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Honestly I think the fact that I am living the life she now wants is more punishment death would be.

I have her kids, her ex husband, an income she could dream of, and keep burying her (with ALOT of help from her) deeper into the mire she can not pull herself out of.

I don't wish her dead. I wish her less stupid and ignorant.

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I hink we should keep her stupid/ignorant at the current evel... can you imagine what hell your life would be if she was actually smart?

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exwives can be hell..i totally fel your pain in the ex's ignorance and not claiming the step kids..i am right there with ya

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OMG she is so stupid.

I understand WANTING to fuck with people. But WANTING and DOING are two totally different things. She's even too stupid to figure out that, sure she is making your life uncomfortable, but in the end - SHE is the one who will be the most uncomfortable - as she sits in a fucking jail cell.

What a moron.

Good for you for not going ape shit on her ass. You're doing the right thing: giving her the rope to hang her own dumb ass.