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July 3rd

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"Emergency" hearing for child support/custody is July 3 at 8am. On one hand I am glad it is not a true emergency for these kids as it was more than a week out from when the attorney filed. On the other hand considering some of the horror stories I read about court cases getting continued I am almost amazed it is so fast.

DH wants it on paper that he has full custody of the kids, sole right to make decisions and for BM to "get" that she can not be calling his cell, the house phone, the KIDS etc. That her RO says she can not. For the CS he just wants his payments to her stopped since he has the kids full time, he is not asking for money from her.

Yes, she has already violated my RO against her. She got served the small claims court paperwork and promptly called DH. We have the phone records they will be going to court with us next week. One of my coworkers came up with an 'explaination' of her constantly calling DH despite the RO- that she (BM) does not consider him mine. The RO is specific that she can not be in contact with any relative of mine be they a relative through blood or marriage. In BM's mind... DH is still 'her' family not mine.

This, despite the pity party she threw when she was not invited to the wedding.


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Your friend is right! She can't comprehend that your dh cannot be contacted because in her mind he is her property (just like the kids).

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You realize with a RO every time she breaks it call the cops to report it, depending how many times she's already broke it she could be sitting in jail right now. Just remember it works the same in reverse you can go to jail for answering her calls texts etc depending on the cops/judge you don't have to wait for court to do this.