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And the games start

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So BM got out of jail on Friday afternoon.

Saturday morning sd18 "disappeared" from BIL house and took all her crap with her.

Last night DCFS came knocking on mine and DH's door that they had two reports of abuse.

We literally had to stop a game of Monopoly with the skids to deal with the investigator. (Not really complaining there, oss was kicking my butt on that game!).

It was alleged that:

We had no food in the house. (disproved.)

The children did not have beds or clothing (disproved)

The children were not attending school (disproved, friday was progress report day so it even showed none of the skids as even having been absent. Lowest grade was a c+)

That we physically hit/beat the kids. (disproved by all three skids flat denying it "mom would spank us, dad and jhw just take away our cell phones, tv and stuff")

The kids were locked in their rooms. Not allowed to come out (disproved as he walked in seeing all of us playing a game together. Additionally disproved as the only bedroom door with a lock on it is mine.)

He (the investigator) advised that he had been requested to make contact with the complainant and her daughter after coming to see us. We handed him the name of the DCFS social workers that have been all over the case since day one. Also showed him the restraining order that BM (aka the complainant - no she wasn't named but come ON how clear is it?) was not allowed to be around that daughter or any of the kids in our custody. Nor was she allowed 3rd party contact of any kind with any of the skids.

He left advising he was closing the case as totally unfounded allegations. But he was seriously pissed off at having to waste his time on such a call. Red in the face steam coming out of his ears variety of pissed off.


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It's about time it works out for people doing the right thing. We see bad people (especially parents) get rewarded all to often, especially by anusing the government services and police. I'm so gad all the crazy allegations were disproved. To think. This guys time was wasted, he old have been investigating real abused kids in horrible situations. I really wish false claims to cps carried a penalty. I'm so happy for you and yours though!

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I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr DCFS worker is going to call and report it. I do believe they have to report a violation if it is found to be substantiated.

So let him go talk to the accusers and see for himself sd18 is there with BM. Then he can call the cops and alert them to a violation, as he can pull the file and see that DCFS already stated they did not support dropping the writ of protection vs her regarding the 18 yo and with her having just gotten out of jail there is no way a court hearing had been set up to legally drop it on behalf of the 18yo.