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There are some days, I just want to strangle BS21...

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My BS21 decided to jet off to London for spring break. All well and good, he flies free, his late dad worked for an airlines and he wanted to use his privileges. Now with the bombing, he doesn't want to come home and shorten his trip. He wants to go to Dublin and then fly from there. Well I am done with this. Time to stop fooling around and just come home. He can't access the website to check the flights because of unsecured servers and asked me to and doesn't believe me that the flights are bad on Friday and Saturday. I said this from the beginning, this is one of the worst weeks to fly stand by. What do I know? He said I was lying to him and only just wanted him home so I slept better.

Really you little <<<<? Unbelievable. He called this morning to tell me he was going to do the countryside of London so as to stay away from crowds. Doesn't make me feel better. I love his independent streak, but not today. Called my mom, who really encourages him to travel that this was on her and that she needed to tell him to just come home on Thursday when the flights are still good. Don't like yelling at my mom, but seriously he called her to complain that I won't let him stay. He dragged her into it first.

Now I have other family calling and asking if he is okay and lecturing me that I should make him comes home. I am not paying for this trip, this is all on him and hostels. I swear I think their 20's is harder than the HS years. Who knew?


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Former airline girl here - as you know, there is no way he will be able to get out of Brussels, so he will have to go somewhere else to get home anyway.

Tell him to go to Dublin or any other access point and start making his way home now - this IS one of the worst weeks to fly standby and I assume he has to get back to school once he gets back to America.

It is hard when they are on the cusp of adulthood, but don't yet quite act like it sometimes.

Hang in there, momma - he's gonna be fine.

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I know he will be fine...But, the attitude just irritates the hell out of me. He can go throw Dublin or Heathrow to get home. He was in Brussels this summer, so I know he didn't want to go there. He needs to just work his way home and stop the sightseeing...

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Thing1 did the whole Europe thing last summer. On his dime, so like you, I had very little say about much of it Smile

The attitude at that age is really maddening, isn't it?

they're like tiny baby men - all full of bravado, often fueled by beer, but seemingly incapable of rational thought at critical times.

Tell him it's time to come home - he will either listen to you or realize that mom was right when he's stuck in Europe well into next week.

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My thing is he did 11 countries this summer while studying abroad. That wasn't enough? I am out of it now. It is on him to figure it out.

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Let him go. He is 21 and has to find his own way in the world.
Yes the bombings are terrifying but let him experience the whole process himself. and let him find a way home by himself. Then he will know you are not lying and make him a better person. My daughter has travelled at really crazy times and managed to get from the USA to Australia in one piece. One time she was coming back to the USA after a trip to Europe. In New York the Border security asked her what she was doing back in the USA after 2 months in Europe. She told him "I want to spend Christmas in the snow in Nebraska. Anything wrong with that?" He waved her through.

And yeah, good luck to the relatives who think you can 'make' him do anything.

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This has nothing to do with the bombings...He is now sitting in an Airport with 5 flights today all oversold...Because you didn't listen to your mom and not try to use your privileges during holy week. The bombings affect the standbys when a revenue passenger decides to change their flight they go first. I can only explain this to so many people. It is the same as a blizzard, just a different effect. Intl travel is harder due to the number of available flights to begin with and then add a bombing and people trying to get out of Europe. All go ahead of a space available person.

Let me repeat, he is fine and I know that, this has to do with him sitting in an airport all day, calling me every twenty minutes to check loads when I am trying to work because he can't access the website.

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He got out...Missed one and then was the last on a flight to Chicago and then the last seat on a flight home...Seriously though I wish he would have had to wait a little more and suffer a little bit, so the next time Mom says this is not a great idea, he may listen...