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The Light at the End of the Tunnel: Things I Didn't Worry About

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I'm the veteran BM & SM of 5 reflecting on my steplife as I read the posts. DH & I feel blessed that we survived it all.  Here's what wasn't worth worrying about when all 5 lived here:

Eating Habits:  Some of the SKs were (and one still is) picky eaters.  If DH wanted to give one of them fast foid money if they didnt like the meal, whatever.  I now believe it was a desire for the taste considtency of fast food.  They hadnt been exposed to a big variety of food.

The State of Their Rooms:  I just shut the door.  I had much bigger issues.  Interestingly nowadays, of the 5 kids, 2 of the SK are extremely clean, in the "eat off the floor" category.  The other 3 are average.

Things I Couldn't Do Anything About:  In the '70s, there sky-high inflation & runaway food prices.  People complained endlessly.  I had 7 people to feed, I just had to tune it out and bring home the food.

Rides to School & Helping with Homework:  I didn't do either except once when BS's teacher asked me to help him with multiplication tables.  It does seem like nowadays, the teachers expect the parents to help more.

Step-parents. I feel your pain.  I've been the SK, the BM & the SM.  None of the roles is easy.  Hang in there.


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I'd agree with most of that, except about giving them fast food money if they didn't like the meal.  My kids could make themselves a sandwich if they didn't like what I had made for the meal - I am a good cook so there was no justification for refusing any of it really, but fine if you don't want it, there is no alternative until the next meal.  Doesn't hurt anyone to miss a meal. 

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My main concern was that I wasn't going to make any special meals for a picky eater once I'd made dinner for the other 6 of us.  I tried to ignore all the food fetishes, " I don't like fish", " I don't eat the heel of bread", etc.  They all lived through it.   We had such bigger issues that it was necessary to shepherd my little energy.  Lol.