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Sooo... SD11 has been irking me for a while cus she has been acting so needy... And SD has DH wrapped around her fat finger. Even though me and DH have two BS (3-4) , he doesn't really get to spent time with them as much cuz he's always working... But nowadays, most of his time when he has time, is spent hanging out with SD.
And it pisses me off cuz, it takes a lot of spending together time with our 2 sons. And I'm making sure there are no favoritism crap goin on cuz I will get in the way. SD all of a sudden for the past 2 weeks want her daddy all the damn time. It's starting to drive me nuts!! Nowadays, There are days when DH spends a good half an hour playing with Our BD's and then goes and spends 3-4 hours with SD!!! Like WTF?!?!?! DH is practically oblivious!!! And he only real time he really spends time with our sons is on a damn Sunday and that's not even enough for the boys.
I'm trying hard not to get pissy about it, but this is bringing out my dark side...
I've been doing good so far not stressing just by hearing SD or BM name. But if this continues on, it will all come back and I will most likely snap...


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youve got every right to be angry I would be!! Tell him its not fair and tell d little brat to back d fcuk off.... }:)