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We finally met

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So after being with DH for over 3 years, I finally met his adult 24yo Daughter.... they do not have a relationship and she came to a family party... she met our baby (her half sister) and saw her other sister (my SD) who she does have a relationship with.... it was a bit awkward...but she was a very nice girl and it was nice to finally meet her... DH has only seen her a few times this past year...I have no idea if she will become more involved in our lives or not...She kind of feels like a stranger to DH and he did not raise her at all, so it’s an interesting situation...

DH and I have had some major issues as well and may be separating... he doesn’t want to..but I don’t think I can deal with his narcissism for much longer... we are going to a new counsellor Thursday who will help us reconcile or help us separate collaboratively. I have already met with a lawyer 


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Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear that things may not work for you and DH! No matter what the reason, it's hard.

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We have had loads of issues and he is very emotionally abusive.. people here have called it and so have individual counsellors I have seen and so has his ex wife...

When we are good, we are great... but when it’s bad it’s really bad...only time will tell I guess 

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Sorry to hear you might be separating, but narcissists can be a nightmare.

Will the counselor actually see both of you if you separate?? That would be a conflict of interest because the counselor could let something slip that he/she should NOT.

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specifically helps people navigate divorce... I met with a lawyer and if we divorce we want collaborative divorce (she helps us come up with parenting plans et ) we then each have our own lawyer.. if we are going to reconcile she will help with it too.. this counsellor was recommended by my lawyer and knows narcissism well... he finally admitted he may be a narcissist and said he was also willing to undergo an evaluation... counsellors in the past have been manipulated by him... so we will see how this goes..I really do love him, but I don’t know if this can be repaired 

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I'm glad that you are seeing the reality of the situation and not brushing it aside hoping it goes away. I commend you for getting assistance in this and hope everything works out in your favor.

Wishing you all the best!

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Are seeing the counsellor together