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How Petty Can You Get... Apparently, very

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BM texted DH last night asking him if he got her settlement offer from his attorney. He says no, then asks if she could email it to him.

They go back and forth about his attorney not conveying the settlement offer and he again asks if she can email it. We are sure his attorney received the offer but obviously wasn't thrilled with it, since DH told his attorney what he would and would not accept. Based on her attitude, we're pretty sure the offer is probably a crappy one.

Anyway, today she tells him she will email it if he gives her his email address. He gives her his personal email address. She says no, she will only email it to a secure email address, that "other people" have access to the personal one. He asks what "other people" and she says "your wife."

So... basically she refuses to email the settlement offer to his personal address because she thinks I have access to that email and does not want me to get it. She told him she would mail it.

He told her his wife checks the mail, too.


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Tell her if that doesn't work she can send it telepathically, you only check his brain about once a month so she should be pretty safe Wink lol sorry she is so stupid :/

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Well then I guess she can wait til he speaks with his lawyer about it to get an answer, now can't she?

When did cutting off one's nose to spite one's face become so en vogue?

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There are attorney's involved why on earth is he even talking to her?

This is just another atempt for the BM to have a conversation with the ex for what ever control issue reason she think she has.

The word should be take it up with the attorney and just hung up on her.

Golly geez why entertain her.