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Changing locks/passcodes/return of keys

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Help, I need advice! So, I've explained to DH that his adult children coming and going as they please while I am at work, without a phone call or text, any knocking, communication (especially since they refuse to be civil or acknowledge me) doesn't work for me. My adult children don't have keys or the code and when they come over, I know they are coming. I know it WAS their home. It is not where they live any longer though and I am just wanting more privacy but am feeling like a major biach.....please, if you have had a conversation about any of the above and have advice, I'd love to hear. DH is having major anxiety about them flipping out when they learn the locks been changed. He is currently avoiding the conversation and I've been letting it slide. I had tried to explain to him that if his kids have those things to our home, them my children, their spouses and grandchildren should also have that. He hates "other people" having access. I get it, I HATE coming home and seeing that people have been here while I work. I don't know how to make him see that it's fair for nobody but us to have them, once again, I'm struggling with what is ok and not. I don't give any craps anymore if his kids like me, it doesn't matter if I do something good or bad, I'm always a villain.

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What is it that they are coming in for?  Do they still have belongings there?  Just coming in and out for no reason sounds odd.  I would tell him that he needs to make a decision because you are either going to call a locksmith or give out keys to everyone in the family and half of your neighbors.  He may hate "other people" having access but his kids are other people to you just as your kids are other people to him.

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Thank you. I dont really know what they are coming for since I'm rarely home. The other night SS came in, walked past the couch after saying hi to his Dad, went to his sisters room and petted the cat, went to the bathroom, grabbed food from the fridge then left. I just hate it. Ugh. 

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I can’t even begin to imagine people who aren’t civil to me having keys to my home. On what planet does DH think that’s OK? 

They are adults, it’s no longer their home, it’s your home. Even with my parents in an intact marriage, I let them know if I was stopping by. 

The change needs to be communicated to them by DH, but if he won’t do it, I suppose they hate you anyway, so what do you have to lose.


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This is debateable whether she is an adult or not.  They have been married two years, and I could be wrong, but i think he owns the house.  I would not change locks without his say so.

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Truth! I told him that if he was struggling with how he is "breaking it to them" to just blame me. Ha, doubt they can hate me any more than they already do. 

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After skid was kicked out in 2015 I called a locksmith and had the locks re-keyed while DH was out of town on business. He came back I told him and he wanted to give his kid a key, I told him no, I don’t have a key to skid’s house he doesn’t need one for mine. I installed a electronic lock and all locks are equipped with smart key system so I can re-keys the locks myself and when we moved I did the same. 

My own son doesn’t have a key either, he doesn’t live here so there is no need. Somethings are worth putting your foot down. This is one of them. 

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Smart key locks are the BOMB!! I have them in my new house and had them put in the house I owned with XH2, but he wouldn't dare lock his darlings out even when they had been told to stay out of our house while we were out of town (due to parties, etc).  Because he wouldn't keep his kids out, I had to PAY my son to house sit to keep them from destroying the place.

Honestly, I don't think I could live in someone else's former marital home. Even with new guy, he and his wife bought the place over 30 years ago. It's a cute house, but they raised their daughter there and he has everything set up to his liking. His house isn't really conducive to us cohabiting, so if we ever decided to cohabit, we'd have to start fresh with OUR own place.

If your DH won't budge, look into getting your own place for a while.

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There is no reason for them to come into your home when you are not there.  If they have things there they need to pack them up and take them to their home!!!! 

We have a pool and I used to come home and find that step-daughter had stopped by with her friends when she did not live here since her parents split up.  For this I used the not in the pool when we are not here liability.  It worked for us.  Then she came into the house a few times and stole our change jar once and that was it!  Our locks were changed and the step-kids do not have a key!!! 

Your husband needs to find a way to put his foot down and his wife first!!! Change the locks and pass codes and tell him no more!!! it is not fair to you.  Do you have a pet that you can say your afraid they are going to let them out or some other excuse to give him to tell them?  The pool safety worked for us but we all know that wasn't the real reason they couldn't come when we weren't home....  sometimes a white lie does the tirck and gives a reason without having to tell the truth but still getting what you want...

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Stepdemon will not have access to my home when he is 18+. Right now, he and/or his asshole Biowh0re “mother” aren’t allowed on my property when he is with his “mother.”

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Year back I had this kind of disrespect.  ss32 not acknowledging my presence but having the keys to our ho

After a few months of arguing, I simply changed the locks.  I told Dh that I think he is acting unreasonable and being unfair to me.       This is not their home.   

You really need to put your foot down.   

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I changed the locks and passcode.

Can you and your DH together talk to the SKids and inform them, that if they come into the home while you guys are working then they need to leave a note on the kitchen counter letting you know that they were there and what they came in for?

It is unsettling to not know who has been in your home, this note would alleviate all of those fears and such.

Now, secondly If you have only been married 2 years and you are not the actual owner of the house and your step child is only just turned 18, I would say to tread very lightly.  You are rushing things a little.  

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I sort of disagree that she is rushing things. She is his wife and this now her home as much as it is his. If the SD doesn't actually live there, she has no business coming and going as she pleases. We have skids half the time, and I still get pissed when they come in the house without me knowing......a text or call isn't that  hard?? Especially when I am at home and they come barging in on days they are supposed to be with BM.....and scare the living shit out of me b/c it usually happens when I'm in the shower....

I would change the locks.....we all deserve to feel a sense of privacy in our own homes.

If you can't change the locks......have another talk with DH and tell him to talk to SD and tell her that she can't come and go as pleases.....tell her that she MUST call or text if she absolutely has to stop by and that she must wait for a reply before coming over....then get a ring doorbell to monitor the front door.....if SD can't follow the rules....then change the locks and don't give her a key.

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I still believe that she should tread lightly.  She is not upset that kids are barging in on her when she is in a shower or home alone and gets scared because she is running around the house half naked.

She is saying that they are coming in occasionally while she is working.

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I am bothered when anyone comes into my house without letting me and DH know when I'm working and they aren't supposed to be there....I'm a little bitter though. These situations are definitely difficult, as I would never be bothered by my 3 kids (if I was still married to their dad) coming and going from my house at any point in their lives........but with skids it's a completely different situation....I wish it wasn't but it is.

I guess I would need to know why tey are coming into her house if they don't live there when nobody is home.

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Why not call or text BEFORE going over?  That would solve the problem of having to leave a note after the fact.  

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It's her house before it's the kids' house. She should get the final say on who gets to come into her house.

If I were her, I'd give keys to my kids and tell them to come on by anytime, if DH refused to take the keys from his kids. 

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How old are you?

No one "leaves  a note" on a kitchen counter these days  ,Granmaw.

They could /should text or call to see if anyone is home . That is common sense and common courtesy AND respectful of their father and stepmother's privacy and space.

They should not run through as if this is the old family home. It may have been once but divorce does change perspective.Especially if there exists for whatever reason some interpersonal friction between the skids and SM.

AND these are ADULTS who should know better than to pop over any old time. What if OP and DH are gettin' it on  and a skid shows up wandering around with the iphone recording  ,wondering the source of  that loud moaning ?


These adult "children" won't break if their father tells them they can't just barge in ,show up and run through the house because it is no longer the First Holy Family Home. If they do then no doubt they are cut from GUBM cloth and prob have been PAS'd out the yingyang.

OP,  maybe you and your DH should show up on the BM 's (aka the BioHoBag) door and walk right in ,make yourself at home. Bet me the skids ,if they live with BM ,would  find your actions inappropriate and a form of trespass. BM would probably go ballistic or bananas. LOL

Yes,it is different but for all intents and purposes the same. Or  how about if OP and DH just barge in on any of the skids at their apartment any old time of the day ,use the bathroom ,lay about, check out the fridge get the picture.

Bet me they won't be thrilled and rightfully so and  not bashful in the least or hesitant  to ask /tell or demand (depending upon their level of annoyance ) DH and SM to call first.

These are ADULTS.They do not live or no longer reside at this house . Not to say they should not be made welcome but how that looks like is up to the OP and her DH to sort out depending ,again, upon the relationships of all involved.

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The only person who has a spare key to my house and, can use it at-will is my sister.  Everyone else knows they better call first.

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Into the house, it is understandable that he and his children may not and obviously did not expect things to change.

Access practices and policies vary among families. My siblings and I all have keys and alarm codes to our patents:' home. If they are in the house, we would never enter without knocking and waiting to be invited into the house.

If they are out and we have ocassion to need to go over, we do not need permission nor do we need to alert them. We have an understanding among us as to how we  function as a family. This is not an uncommon practice among many families.

However, it is not by any means the only access policy and practice.

Your husband may not want to change his policy.  How do you guys settle any issue on which the 2 of you disagree,?  Do you both accept the fact that each person's opinions and feelings carry equal weight and equal validity?  Neither party is  more important in the decision process.

Maybe you can agree that they will not enter without knocking  of you are at home; actually that is only basic courtesy.

He should not have to change locks keys, or codes . If you do not trust his kids, perhaps you could ask him to put a special lock on your bedroom. This allows you to close off a  space just for you.

If he had moved into your home, would you have permitted him to give his kids keys to your house? Instead, you moved into his house and you want him to take back keys from his kids. In essence, you want  from him a privilege that you in the reverse situation would not have granted to him.

Compromise means that the feelings and expectations  of both parties are equally weighted to reach a mutually acceptable solution.

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If you EVER agreed that a WIFE'S needs should come before those of the ADULT kids, I think I'd have a stroke.

The OP's DH is the one refusing to let her kids have keys, while he wants his kids to continue to have free access. He should not have gotten married if he wanted everything to stay the same.  It's her home, too.

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precedent. I think anyone who think that their needs take precedent in a marriage or partnership should probably remain single. 

The only way to ensure that your needs  and wants should be controlling is to be the only party making decisions in your orbit.

I didn't say the kids should matter more than the wife.

I said that the husband and his views matter as much as the wife and her views.

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Alrighty.  What should be more important?  Keeping adult kids happy or keeping a spouse happy?

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Is the OP trying to keep her husband happy? Is the OP 's happiness of more importance than the husband 's happiness?

I suggested  that they try to compromise.   

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That's like saying - well, I will only be happy if you allow me to have 14 dogs and 27 cats, and since you won't let me, you don't care about my happiness.

That's a toxic way to get what you want - to insist that if your partner wants you to be happy, she will allow you to have something that really bothers and upsets her.  It's generally considered a sign of a personality disorder. 


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Welp, the NEED for harmony in the marriage takes precedent over the father's NEED to allow his adult children free and unfettered access to the home they no longer live in. He places as a priority over his wife's need for privacy, the feelings of his adult children.

The question is, does he want a happy marriage and home or does he want to indulge his kids?

The needs of his WIFE are more important than the WANTS of his children.

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upon  the wife 's position or feelings being controlling  or the deciding factor in every situation?

If so, the OP should have stated that prior to the marriage , and her husband could have decided if he found that to be an acceptable stance for a partner to take.

The OP does not want a partner; she wants a puppet.

The adult way I handling disagreements generally involves discussion and mutually agreed upon compromise.

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No - but her happiness might be contigent on not having his adult kids barging into her home whenever they see fit. 

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My right to privacy trumps his right to give his precious babies free access to MY home.

This is reason number 17 why I would NEVER move into the old custodial home. 

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enter someone  else 's space is by definition  and circumstances subject to modification.

Why is it so difficult to understand and accept that the husband 's feelings on any subject are as important as that of the wife?

I am not saying that either of them is absolutely right or wrong. I am saying that the solution lies in compromise.



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Because this is not an EQUAL needs situation. This is not, "Well, should we go for Chinese food or Mexican food?", it's about her fundamental COMFORT in her own home vs. his need to not upset his precious babies. 

She is willing to compromise - that they are allowed in the home if they ask ahead of time.  He is NOT willing to compromise. He wants everything to stay the same.  So I'm not clear how you've decided OP is the control freak here. 

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It was implied "I had tried to explain to him that if his kids have those things to our home, them my children, their spouses and grandchildren should also have that. He hates "other people" having access."

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She most certainly did say that. Go back and read it with an eye towards fairness, not towards blaming stepmothers. 

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Hmm.  Maybe the OP is RESPECTING her husband by not giving her kids unlimited access to the home, and now she is hoping for the same RESPECT from him.


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She would not be trying to impose her position on him.

The situation involves keys and access; the problem however, is that they have no acceptable method of conflict resolution.



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For the love of dog!!!  Your brain and thinking are more twisted than a corkscrew.

How come it's not her DH imposing HIS position on HER????  He wants his kids to have unlimited access to the home, but he doesn't want her kids to have the same privilege.  The OP must, therefore, suck it up.

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can I say that they need to discuss and reach some  mutually agreeable compromise?

That process requires give and take on both sides.

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Has  proposed giving up anything.

The OP saying that she is not giving her kids to his house is not the same as asking him to take back the keys that he had   to his kids.

It is his house , but it is their mutual home. They need to find some  compromise with which they can both agree.

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Has  proposed giving up anything.

The OP saying that she is not giving her kids to his house is not the same as asking him to take back the keys that he had   to his kids.

It is his house , but it is their mutual home. They need to find some  compromise with which they can both agree.

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What possible compromise is there if he wants them to have unfettered access and will not budge from that basic position being part of the solution?  His kids have keys 6 months out of the year and not the other 6 months?  One of them has a key and the other does not?  They can come and go as they please on alternate weeks?  Surely you see how there is no reasonable middle ground.  Either they have keys and can come and go as they please to make him happy OR they do not have keys and she is happy having privacy.  Personally I believe that the right to be comfortable in one's home is greater than an adult child's wish to pop in and out of their childhood home at will.  They have their own homes now.

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OP is not trying to impose her position on her DH. She has a right to privacy in her home. Their home shou,d not be a free for all place for DH's brood to come and go whenever they want. It is incredibly disrespectful. 

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Yet again, you are comparing apples and oranges. Intact families and second families do not live by the same rules and standards.

Imagine your sister gave her key her mother's house to one of her daughter's boyfriends to come and go as he pleases ... Still not the same thing but it's closer than your examples.

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are only symptoms of a larger problem  The same issues could involve money or time spent with kids or a myriad of other issues.

The OP and her husband have no conflict resolution strategies in place.

Simply stating that I am the wife and my feelings should matter more is not a reasonable way to resolve this conflict.



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  1. Conflict resolution strategies? Well, she suggested that what was good for his kids was good for hers ... and he refused. 
  2. Your solution of locking everything that is of value to her in her bedroom is not going to make her feel more comfortable in her own home. 
  3. What is to cripplingly difficult about calling ahead if they're going over there? What are h is kids going to be doing that they don't want her to know about?

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are doing anything that they don't want her to know about?

People who themselves do not engage in untoward activities are not so quick to suspect others of that behavior or motivation.

If the dad has never found or discovered  them rummaging through his belongings, why would his children be suspected of that now.

My parents live in an area that is central to much of the daily activity of myself and my siblings. It is not unusual for any one of us to pop over to relax between meetings. Most often,  the house is empty or the cleaning person is there.

My parents would probably be offered at the suggestion that they needed notice of should be concerned that we were alone in the house.  

A starting point would be for the OP to meet with the kids and express her feelings and privacy concerns and ask that they call ahead before they come over.

These concerns should be stated by the OP as these are her concerns as opposed to shared concerns.

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Well, OBVIUOSLY they've never been caught rummaging or poking or snooping because nobody knows they are there!

And, for goodness sake, stop harping on about your perfect intact family because it is absolutely not relevant here.

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I think it's odd that you don't see how incredibly invasive and rude her skids are and how selfish and cowardly the DH is being in this situation. There is no room for compromise here...change the locks, tell them they are welcome to come visit IF they call first and clear it with BOTH husband and wife.  This is woman should not have to sacrifice feeling secure in her own home.

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I take it that neither of them live there anymore? If it's not their home, they don't need a key and have no business just letting themselves in, anytime they please.

Yes, many parents let their adult kids keep keys to their home for emergencies or what not, but these are not the OP's kids and that changes things a little. She has the right to not have people coming and going from her home, especially people who are not related to her and who outright disrespect her.

Not sure how the intruders leaving a note would make it all better.

OP, your husband can explain to his kids that since they are now adults and no longer live in the home, they no longer need a key and there is no reason for them to come over when nobody is home. That he would appreciate them respecting his and his wife's privacy. It's really not that hard. I mean, they are supposed to be adults, right? They should get it.

The thought of giving his kids boundaries and demanding respect for his marriage gives him anxiety? Geez, I'm so tired of these people who are so afraid of their own damn kids.

He doesn't have to say, "Hey, you are no longer welcome here, ever. We are changing the locks because we hate you." He seriously does not know how to have an adult conversation with his adult kids?

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Yes, I don't get this either. Why can't he tell his kids that things have changed and their access will now be by approval?

I also don't get why the OP can't put her foot down and insist on this happening, tout de suite.  

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Why does the skids' age matter?  So what if it was a premarital asset?  It's now OP's fulltime home.  Doesn't she have a right to privacy and feel secure in her own home?

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"Sorry, this is my premarital asset, so what I say goes." 

Is that not how it works in your marriage?

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that is by default exactly how it works. We each have some  small investments that we made and neither of us ever ask the other about them  At tax filing time , they are listed on the return, beyond that why would either of us feel the need to have any input .

We know what we need to know about what we have and we trust that we are always acting in the best interest of our family.

We do not need to monitor each other's spending nor do we need permission to make anything but major purchases

This works for us. When and if we ever reach the point that we cannot allow the other to have some measure of financial autonomy  , we would have reached the point that we are no longer the people who entered into the marriage.

What works for us , may or may not work for you. What works for you might feel suffocating for me.

There is no right or wrong way. There is only the  way that works for you.

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This is not a fun-money checking account or a gas-guzzling sports car.  This is WHERE SHE LIVES.  Expecting to make all of the rules in the house where both spouses live because it was a pre-marital asset is insane.

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LOL!  Well, it wouldn't work for me to have my DH set rules in OUR HOME because it's a pre-marital asset.  Slightly different than small investments you are keeping secret from your spouse (which by the way, wouldn't work for me either).  What's the point of keeping it secret from him when he's going to inherit it upon your death anyway?

I'm surprised at you, CG, keeping secrets from your husband.  Tsk tsk.

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Every little tidbit that CG drops about her own household and extended family, points to extreme dysfunction  and lack of trust and respect between family members. It’s sad to live that way.

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The investments are not a secrwt. They are reported on our joint tax return. They are simply things that we each brought into the marriage and neither of us have ever felt or had the need to inquire about.

We committed fully to each, but neither for one moment expected the other to be a possession who did not retain the right to some measure of personal autonomy.

Do you think for one moment that anyone on this site would suggest that the current President 's pre-marital assets  are the property of his current wife?  Do you think that he would or should ask his wife 's permission if he decided to gift one of his adult children a house or one of his grandchildren with a car?

Is there an income litmus test to this marriage makes everything ours  requirement?

If you can trust someone, you do not need to know. If you cannot trust someone , all of the "it is ours," proclamations won't make them committed or trustworthy.

At days end, you spouse is either trustworthy and committed or they are not.



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Guess I don't feel the need to keep secret from DH what we will have to live on in retirement together, whether I brought it into the marriage myself or not.  Since we are a committed couple, I intend to support him in retirement on money I brought into the marriage alone.  As he does me.  

I'm sorry you don't have that level of commitment. Maybe he's planning a retirement alone. 

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We know what is in our retirement income and investments.

We also know that  we are well prepared both individually and collectively 

We have never lived a life where we were each other's financial dependent. We were partners working for and contributing to mutually agreed upon goals.

It works for us. I am not advocating this as a solution for anyone else. This is simply the strategy that works for us.

This strategy has allowed us to feel that together we are strong, but allows us to know that alone we would  be more than prepared.

When you are not a dependent , you are free to speak your mind and address your feelings without being fearful of  consequences and outcomes.

People should do what works best for them.

You are happy and satisfied with your way; we are happy and satisfied with our way. Maybe it just means that we have identified 2 of the many ways that work.

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Why in the world would you bring politics into this? Because your comments are created to spark turmoil!!! congratulations you've done it once again!!

"do you think for one moment that anyone on this site"  values your snarky feedback? Always against whatever the OP comes to this site asking for insight on!!! Never helping or supporting !!!

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She's not a step parent herself so I'm not sure why she is on this site. Pathetic actually.

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using  a situation that most people would recognize.

Interestingly enough, not any of the people who routinely champion the marriage creates  immediate joint ownership made the case for this couple  No one suggested that this husband should consult his wife before giving money or making a major purchase for his children.

I guess that the equity life partnership and joint ownership concept is not something that applies to all step situations.

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I’m 100% for you changing the locks. 

DH’s anxiety regarding them “flipping out when they learn the locks been changed” doesn’t trump your desire for privacy and overall comfort in your own damn home. 

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I don't think it is appropriate for adult skids who don't live in the home to be dropping by and letting themselves in without notice if either of the homeowners has an objection to it.  I do think your husband should be putting a stop to this practice.  If he won't, my inclination would be to set up cameras throughout the house so that I at least know what the skids are doing while they're there.  I would consider it a huge breach of privacy to have adult skids (or even bio kids) in my home when neither my husband nor I is there, unless I know exactly why they need to be there and I've been asked and given permission ahead of time.

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Both my adult children (who don't live with me) have keys to my home. They both live across the country now, but when they lived nearby, they would ASK or let me know they were stopping by for something. I never came home to find someone had been in my house without my knowledge.

It's a healthy boundary to set with adult children as I'm sure they wouldn't like to come home to their house and realize someone had been there without their knowledge or permission.

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This is a huge point! I certainly don’t see my SKs issuing any keys to us.

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This is why moving into a home that was shared by the X and the kids is not a good idea. Is getting a new home a possibility? The kids may "feel" they have the right to come in and out of the home because they were raised there and feel they have a say. Your H not addressing it is going to bite everyone in the @ss.

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I'd then tell my DH again it is an invasion of yours and his privacy that adult skids just come in announced. It's just plain rude and wrong. I'd tell my DH in so and so date I'm getting the locks changed and that's it. 

Who care what the adult skids think about it. It's your and your DH's ho e not theirs. How would adult skids like it if you just barged into their homes like they do to you? I hope you don't have any pets they could accidentally let out.

I'd also remind my DH the way they treat you, which is all the more reason why people who disrespect you should not be allowed to come and go a spouse they please in your home, nevermind have access with keys.

good luck going forward.

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I'm wondering what they are doing/leaving that you know they have been there. Do they eat all the food? Leave a mess/dishes? I think this is your starting place. 


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Ohhhhhhh no. This would not fly with me as well. Hell I dont enter my parents home until they open and I used to live there growing up. That is so disrespectful. We just changed the code on our house too because 1 it needed to be changed and 2 we didn't want ss to know it anymore. He's only 11 but as fucked up as his mom is we are not taking any chances anymore. Our ds6 knew it as well and we wont be telling him the code cuz he might tell ss. All in all I agree with you. That wouldn't fly with me either.

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To your home (meaning your kids) but his kids its ok??

skids coming over uninvited to do nothing except stomp on your privacy and boundaries just to let you know they can doesn’t fly for me. People generally visit for a purpose, to catch up with parents, have dinner or lunch because they were invited, family gatherings or birthdays etc. Noy to just come in and invade someones boundary

i lived overseas with my husband for 4.5 yrs. every year we flew back to my country to visit my dad and stay in my childhood home. Its still my home and dad always says this and i am always welcome but i am always informing well in advance when i go, not show up uninvited or all of a sudden. 

Thats just basic manners and courtsey

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Keys and passcodes have definitely been an issue at our house too. My daughter moved out a couple years ago for university and it didn’t occur to me to ask for her key back. But she has never once shown up without notice or permission. DHs kids I do not love that they have a key because they have been known to invite BM in (to “help” them bring possessions in and out; GMAB!). Giving SKs a key is the same as giving BM a key. Luckily they live a 35 minute drive away from us and BM finally got a job and a husband so she has less time to chauffeur the princess and hang around our house.

After some outrage from me, DH did start enforcing to his kids that they need to call before they show up and if we’re not home they need to ask permission before coming in and it needs to be for a reason. And no friends or guests and that includes their sainted mommy!

I figure, they’ve made it VERY clear that they have no desire to live here and don’t consider it home. So that means they don’t get the in and out privileges of residents.

Last I heard they’d lost their key anyway so it’s not that much of an issue anymore. If we ever move, I intend to set a precedent of no keys for any of our kids. The older I get the more I like my privacy. Even my own daughter is a bit of a disruption these days!



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"I figure, they’ve made it VERY clear that they have no desire to live here and don’t consider it home. So that means they don’t get the in and out privileges of residents."

This is absolutely the kind of reasoning that OP's husband needs to hear. Why indeed should they have the privileges of residents when they are not, by their own choice?

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All of our kids are adults and I can't imagine any of them just entering our home. Fortunately DH and I are on the same page with this.  I would just change the locks and say tough.

In the meantime, since you don't know what they are doing when they are at your home, Wyze cameras are on Amazon for only $25. Super easy installation. You can put in a mini SD card that records continuosly. You get notifications when there is movement; you can change the sensitivity of the detection and you can also watch what is happening in your home on your cell phone real time. I installed several because we have a lot of animals. But I guess skids are another form of animal.

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Cameras stop a lot of things, best move I ever made!

Be different if I could sneak in their houses whenever away, but seems I have never been offerred that option --as SM. Then again, I want to be a million miles away from them, so cameras keep the  step family honest.

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My step daughter who is an adult broke into our home and lied about it I called the police she had text me and admitted doing it the police went and arrested her .but her dad called and dropped the charges. since we have been married she has had about 9 cars he purchased for her that she was to pay back and never has. she would have them anywhere from a week to a month and then sell them and he would buy her another. she has stole money out of my purse my jewelery and has taking things she wanted out of the home and lied to him saying she didnt. I have 3 adult step kids that are the biggest joke and out of 11 1/2 years he has never stood up for me. thats another reason I'm going with the divorce.

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Does anyone tell their neighbors, friends, family, etc.... that they have rekeyed the locks?  For sure I do not.

So, call the locksmith, rekey the locks, clear all of the codes from the alarm system and electronic keypad locks, and let the Skids learn when they come over at inapproroptiate times.

Keep it simple.

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I agreed to live in DH house while kids were in school and we rent my house. SS 18 just graduated high school so now the house goes on the market. I don’t want a his or hers house, I want an ours house to build our life with no history of previous marriage.  And SS kids will not have the code. It’s hard for them when it’s their childhood home to feel like they can’t come and go like they always have. This is the reason for the new house. 

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When I married my dh I sold my home and moved into his home which was also the first familes home. Hind site being 20/20, I would have been happier if we had sold both homes and bought a home together.

Since our home was the first families home, my skids kids would come to the home as if they owned it. They would walk right in unannounced. They especially liked coming over when neither of us were home and would help themself to what ever they wanted and NEVER return those items. They would have friends over and NEVER clean up after themselves let alone clean up after their friends.

I could NEVER just relax and feel safe in my own home. It was like always being a quest in someone else's home and worse than being a quest was the fact that the skids treated me as an unwelcome quest. To them I was just another piece of property that their dad owned and since they owned their dad I was something they could use. My things became their things. I was just the cook, maid, and another source of income. Nothing more.

My OSD once got angry because she came over and opened the cabinet to get a cup but the cups had been moved to another spot so she has to open another cabinet door searching for a cup. She then states to me "I don't know who moved the cups, you or dad, all I know is I just want a God D___ CUP!"

My MSD came over and did her laundry and simply leaves with my garment bag. MSD also came over once and helped herself to our campfire marshmellow sticks & took them to a friends. THEY NEVER RETURNED ANYTHING

SS came over and help himself to my dh motor cycle. At that time SS was living in our rental free of charge. All he had to do was pay the utilities. When he moved out, he left the place totally trashed, left us with a large utility bill, stole the washer & dryer and we had to go and get the motor cycle. 

Once while dh & I were both home, the skids walk right in and help themself to some movies to take to a friends house. All the movies were mine. (My dh did not have any movies because the ex took them all in the divorce).  As they started to leave with the movies, I told them I do not loan out my movies and I took them back. I really hated their arrogance and total lack of respect. 

This was my home. I should be able to set my home up to my liking. I should be able to feel that my things are safe. I should be able to take my bra off and get my comfy cloths on but I was in a constant state of not knowing when the skids would pop in. 

Currently MSD has had nothing to do with us for 10 years, SS is on the 3rd estrangement. I am actually to the point that I don't want them to come back into my life. I am enjoying the peace of their absence.

OSD now only comes over about 2 or 3 times a year and she lets us know when she is coming over. Also they have stopped spending the night. I still do not look forward to their visits because of the history. After years of me having to put up with wet beds when OSD & her kids would come over, I think OSD got offended when I finally got the support of my dh and won the battle of sgkids will wear pullups when they would sleep over.

My DH & I have lived in our new home for about 6 years now. It has taken years but I am finally feeling safe in my home. I can run around naked if I want. I don't have to be concerned about skids just walking in. I don't have to be concerned about skids helping themself to my/our things. I no longer have to put up with wet beds.

OP, you should be able to feel safe in your own home. You should be able to relax in your home. You should be able to not have to be concerned with when and who is just going to pop in on you. The skids will fight it and be angry, but the locks NEED to be changed and bounderies NEED to be set. The skids need to grow up and just get over it.

Good luck!!!!