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Warning: Skids on the loose

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DH, DS, and I are at this house. (XH got put under quarantine by his GF and she isolated herself in her house as soon as she heard he was sick--can't tell you how much I appreciate  that woman.) BM, YSS, and OSS are at BMs house. YSS is still on the family GPS app with DH. No idea why he looked since he never remembers he has that app but DH looked yesterday. He saw YSS drive 200 miles and back to another city, in one of the harder hit areas of our state. DH is upset and said he's calling BM today. He doesn't think she's taking it seriously and he said he's gonna talk to YSS. I asked if he was gonna talk to OSS, too. Why? Well, DH, what makes you think YSS went alone? There's a really good chance the skids went together. And there's no family there so my guess is this was a trip to go buy something. 

Lock your doors. Don't carry pepper spray, carry Lysol. If you see a young person, that's probably my skid: empty the whole can on 'em.


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I think a squirt bottle of straight up bleach should do the trick. And, thanks. I'll let you know when they're on the road again. 

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AND the kid spent a couple hours at a friends house locally yesterday, too. Hm.

We shall see if DH really does have a serious talk or if he comes home with a bucket of excuses for them.