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All the years of hard line parenting pay off

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Always keeping my word, good or bad.

Never making an empty threat.

Always stating repercussions that I can implement.

Immediately implementing repercussions as stated and for the exact reasons stated.

Didn't know it would be laying the groundwork for a situation like this pandemic. DS is following the house rules for this pandemic, asking about what he can do, adhering to a stricter environment than he had the last two years because he's scared to be homeless. Because the first time he balked at some parameter I told him that he is an adult and could choose to do what he wanted but if he went beyond the parameters set for this house that he would not be allowed back in the house. I would be fine making my own child homeless if he was reckless during this pandemic. I wasn't mean but I wasn't kidding. Thankfully, because of all those other times in his life his mom followed through, he knows it.




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I was not perfect but parented this way myself. It works.

Expectations and consequences up front.............then follow through.

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High five ITB2012!!

You deserve a cheery beer glass clink.

Also, you have made my day. I parent DD17 as you've parented your son. Hearing about the results is definitely encouraging. Wink

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Well done.  I made it a policy when raising my own two daughters, to warn once, and then follow through with consequences, ie always consistent.  It works!  

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My kids ages 25 & 23, adults living on their own and supporting themselves, are staying home and following guidelines. 

Skids, ages 20 & 17, do whatever the fuck they want  when they want. They live at home with DH & I and the 2 little skids so their actions affect our entire household. If I had this lockdown to do over, I would be at my parents' house. I don't want to switch houses at this point and risk infecting my parents so I just sit and wait for a skid to bring the infection to our home.