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CPS investigation question

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Is the person/ home of interest notified for a home inspection when children are involved? As in, if there was something to hide, said person has time to hide it before a caseworker shows up?


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I had someone turn me in because I whopped my 5 year old on the butt with my hand (something that is completely ok according to CPS) They had to come look at the house just to put in the report. I had about 12 hours notice. Maybe for someone accused of a real crime they don't give notice... Not sure.

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SO received a phone call and a next-day appointment for a general welfare home inspection. If there was anything shady going on then yes, there would have been plenty of time to hide stuff.

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BM called CPS on me with a false report about 5 years ago. They called my husband initially, then me. The case worker said she needed to arrange a meeting with me about the "incident" before SD could come for her usual EOWE visit, so I met with her the next day at a coffee shop. Before she met with me, she actually pulled SD out of school and questioned her. We weren't told ahead of time that this was going to be done (which makes sense, since obviously we could have groomed SD on what to say) . The case worker didn't need to do a home visit at all. In the end, the it was found out that BM lied and she is now flagged in the system.

I live in Alberta. I don't know how things work in other provinces or countries.

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Both times CPS has been called on EEEK she had AT LEAST 12 hours notice - more the second time when she didn't answer the door so they left a note saying when they would be back.

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IDK, but I work at an agency where we submit a lot of CPS reports, and we have been told never to notify clients that they've been reported (we used to) because they do not want them preparing, destroying evidence, or taking the matter out on the kids.

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No, we have outpatient mental health clients, including a program for drug addicted moms. When a staff member learns about something reportable, we used to tell the clients that we were going to have to make a CPS report- that was about trust between the therapist and client- not so as to go behind their backs. CPS informed us last year that we cannot do that. Client is not to be notified when there is a report.

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As a manadated reporter, we are told to NEVER tell parents anything.

I have had CPS workers pull students out out of my class to question them about reports. I know several families that h ad their kids pulled from daycare and/or school WITHOUT a home visit being done first.

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They typically pull kids out to talk with them before a home visit is completed. So some (older) kids give their parents a heads up by telling them they talked to someone at their school but not understanding that that will give parents time to hide evidence.

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The Girhippo was a CPS worker. When she made her phoney CPS report against us, Chef was called and told by our CPS county worker not to pick up the skids for visitation.

That was the summer of peace 2007!!

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With all the times my ex called DYFS on me-I was never given a heads up.
They would just show up and since I never had anything to hide-let them see whatever they asked for.

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I think BM and her baby daddy sell marijuana out of their house. I've picked up SD before and there have been random people leaving/ stopping by that are not family members and are not there for more than 10 minutes.

If it were hidden or locked up away from the kids and where a caseworker couldn't find it, is there a case? I also plan to have DH ask SD about any domestic violence that occurs at BM's. We will act as if everything is fine and continue to get extra time that we will document for future reference and document any strange occurrences from here on out.

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I wonder if the police would be interested in their dealing? Sounds like they might be less likely to give them notice. That way if they find anything there will be an official record you can take to cps.

As for the domestic violence I think if anyone in the home went to the hospital for treatment and reported domestic violence that it is standard for cps to do a home visit when kids live there. So they might have already been?

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I don't think the DV has landed anyone in the hospital.. But I could be wrong.

As for reporting to the cops- do you have any idea how they may go about that?

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They may show up, but no judge will issue a search warrant on the say-so of an ex or his new spouse.

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You're playing a game that just might backfire right back on your DH.

Keep in mind that if you manage to get BM arrested, she just may blab all the dirt on your DH she knows and your own home will be sniffed around. getting Sd away from BM doesn't automatically mean your Dh is the better parent and he just gets the kid. The child may even be called upon to testify against both parents.

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I worked for 16 years as a police dispatcher and 911 operator. That can be reported. I would call that in to the undercover drug task force if your department has one. Or if they do district policing, I would call it in to the beat officer that has that zone. You have to watch them long term so they can get a warrant. It would probably involve watching the vehicles pull away from the house for traffic infractions and then pull them over and bring the drug K9. Get enough of them
And some people who admit they just got their drugs from her and then they can get a warrant. But if your step child is is in that house well then you don't want them home when the police kick the door down guns ablazing. Then again I am in Florida. There is a little town here where BM graduated and it's the meth capital of the world. It's also where that little Hayley Cummings disappeared from because her father and stepmom Misty Cummings were involved in drugs and dealing drugs and that child is dead. For sure now we can look back and say that kid's mother should have done anything and everything to get her kid out of that house. Pot is different than meth. Pot or a form of it is legal in about half the states now.

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That's why I don't know if pot is even worth investigating a couple in their mid-30s with 2 kids in a decent neighborhood. Thank you for your response, though.

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It is not your job to decide if it is worthwhile investigating, your job as a concerned citizen is to report it. The police will decide what they want to do with your information.

Now who you report it to could be key. If you have any links with police in your (bm's) neighbourhood then I would ask them. Or I would just go to the police station or call and ask them who to report it to.

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From what I know, which is admittedly minimal, they will just show up and you have a right to refuse them entry into your home. Obviously that report will end up favorably towards you for refusing but I know if they ask to interview or talk to you, you can do it with you/your (s)kid(s) outside on the front porch.

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It may be a hard case to prove, that BM is selling marijuana out of her home, unless there’s abuse or neglect happening.

I believe CPS has to have a solid, verifiable reason to request BM be drug tested. Even then, that doesn’t prove she’s selling it.

I’m not discrediting something illegal is happening in BM’s home, but I’d prepare yourselves for possibly nothing to come of this, especially if you live in a highly populated city.

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That's what I'm afraid of. This state also would just give BM a slap on the hand for being a pot head, I'm sure.

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All that they have to do to buy time is not let them on. Without a court order orsearch warrant they don't need to be let in. If you think something illegal or dangerous is going on i think the police is the best place to go. They can and will notify cps if children are in danger or neglected.

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I was investigated twice while going through divorce proceedings because exAzz thought it would give him a leg up. The first time I got a 2 week notice that social services would be coming. The lady came in, sat in the kitchen the whole time and just talked with me and the kids. The second time a male social worker came to the door, no notice, told me he could come in now and get it over with or make an appointment. I opted to get it over with and one by one he took each child individually into the bedroom and talked with them and made them disrobe so he could see if they had bruised. The second time exH must've made one hell of an accusation but just like the first time it was *unfounded* and much ado about nothing.

Having to be naked in front of a complete stranger was invasive and more abusive than any *mean* thing I've done to the kids. I really wish false reports were punished for all the resources they waste and stress thats induced.

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Wow! I am shocked. Did you follow up if that male CPS officer was following protocol? That really does not sound right. Sure, have a private chat. But even if checking for bruises is necessary there is no reason why a parent cannot be present and if not a parent then at least a nurse or a doctor should be there.

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If DH insists there is drug abuse going on and BM needs to be drug tested, wouldn’t he run a danger of her saying same thing about him? Doesn’t he smoke pot too? He might not be selling but she might not either. And called CPS because mother is intoxicated in front of SD might be a good idea but DH’s been intoxicated in front of SD many many times. I think if you go after BM for the same or similar things your DH does they both could run a risk of losing SD. I really don’t understand what you are trying to do here

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When CPS was called on us, they called my husband, spoke to him for five minutes and dropped it. When the police were called on us, they showed up and I told them to come back with a warrant. Now, all of the allegations against us were false, but you can expect it to go the same way unless those kids are seriously hurt or neglected. Which I don't think is the case.

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To answer your question.

The Standard is calling to make an appointment with the parent. So yes, they have time to conceal and clean up any evidence.

Every move that is made is used to build a case OR to rule one out.

IF you believe a child is in danger OR you suspect illegal activity call the police. THEY have the necessary tools needed.

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Unfortunately, I've had to deal with CPS twice due to false allegations made against DH. Both times, I was the first to find out because I was home when they knocked on the door. The first time, I did not offer the CPS worker to come into my home because my parents were there and I was in shock that CPS was at my door. She did not ask to come in. She did, however, come to the house a week later after interviewing my husband to check on the living conditions - she checked SS's bedroom, since the complaint was about him. She also interviewed BM and her husband at the time. And, she interviewed the skids at school.

The second time was with a different CPS worker. It wasn't super surprising to me, since SS was in a pysch ward for suicidal ideations and has manipulative tendencies. Since I was already familiar with the process and I had a baby to watch, I just let her in and had a good long conversation with her in my dining room. I also let her interview SD because she came home from school when we were wrapping up. I think after talking to me and SD, she was reassured that DH was not the problem and that SS was the problem. She didn't check bedrooms or return for another visit. I think she talked to DH on the phone and that was it. She didn't interview BM either, much to BM's chagrin because she wanted to b*tch about how terrible a parent DH is. I'm assuming she interviewed SS at the mental institution but I'm not even sure about that.

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Depends on what they’re going for... BM sent SD9 to school last year with HUGE bruises on both arms... (looked like she was yanked... Sad ) DH was notified two days in advance... But SD9 also told CPS she didn’t know where they came from... However ie also heard if it’s severe enough they’ll do a drop-in.