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Changing my name! No more alwaysanxious

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Alwaysanxious just doesn't fit anymore. So, I'm changing it to Helena Handbasket. LOL.

Hopefully some of you will still recognize me. I still have my old account up, because I don't want to get rid of all my old comments and such. Just needed a new more appropriate name.



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I don't like my name anymore either. I dont want to be just the maid!!! But I can't think of anything else and no one will know who I am anymore.

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people are always changing their name around here! it is kinda hard to keep up with but if you don't like it anymore you should change.

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Yeah I will think of something better. Sick of being the maid!!!

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Oh yeah I can't get rid of my monkey!! Especially now that I saw him on tv that night, he's famous!!