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Sometimes, something good…

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Today, SS12 goes back to BM's after 12 long days (she was on a cruise). It hasn't been too bad, but there have definitely been some issues and I think H and I are ready for 12 days of adults-only.

Today I called my MIL to let her know we'd gotten a package she'd sent that had taken forever to arrive. Before we rang off, she told me she was sending me something for Mother's Day. She said she knows I do a lot for H and SS and that I'm teaching SS a lot, so she wanted to send me something so I would feel appreciated. "Hopefully SS will appreciate you the way he should, though that may not be until he's older."

Really took me by surprise. She and I have a great relationship, but it made me feel so nice to have someone other than H acknowledge me in any way.

Anyway, I hope all of you in Stepland are appreciated in some way in the days ahead.


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My delightful, well-brought-up step-sons, 11and 14 years old resp, have been phoning me every Mothers' Day for the last few years to sing a loud, discordant and heartwarming 'Happy Mothers' Day to you!' (Sung to the tune of 'Happy Birthday'.)

The boys live 2 hours away so visiting is difficult but I appreciate the song (particularly since the older boy's voice is breaking) more than a bag of gold. Good

Edited to state, 'step-grandsons''. Those senior brain farts! Dash 1

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How kind and thougjtful!

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Not many seem to have that.

Great job S-Mom.

My ILs are good people but there is not a lot of involvement between our lives and theirs though there is regular communciation and love overall.

My DW is probably my parent's favorite person. DW has said repeatedly over our nearly 29 year marriage that my mom and dad are the only true adult parent influences she has had. She has had in large part to raise her own parents who even into their 60s are/were extremely juvenile in perspective, behavior, and performance.

It warms my heart that they love each other so much and that my SS and my parents love each other.  DW is at mom and dad's now.  Checking on my mom who has had some heart issues recently.

I am glad that you have that with your MIL.