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Explain this to me????

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One of the skids told me there BM is going to take them on vacation....The skids BM is on Goverment aid and can't afford to buy cloths that fit the kids, but yet she can afford to take them on vacation???? I can't afford to take my family on vacation and my husband and I work full time. How can people be on goverment aid and yet go on lavish vacations?????


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Yeah, that's BM#1... she posted on FB one day (back when I was stupid and naive enough to be her "friend") that she couldn't wait to take the kids to Disney. Well someone asked her when she was going and of course nothing more from BM and do you think that she ever went to Disney? Hell no, the farthest she's been from the trailer hood is the local convenient store to get her cigarettes and her PO Box to pick up her welfare checks.

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Thats why i think That those little cards that they get ths cs on should have like a bank statement printout that gets checked by the cs people. It should only have charges on it from the school or a sporting store for sport equipment, or a school uniform store, or even the grocery store, and in that event it should only be enough for the kids and not bm's whole new family!!

My dh is suppose to take care of his kids ...not you and your boyfriend and the child that yall had together!

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Doesn't the goverment look and see if she can afford lavish vacations that she should be able to pay for things not depend on goverment money?

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Our BM is also on government aid & takes the kids to Myrtle Beach for a week every year. She has a "boyfriend" who comes & goes from her house as bills come due. As soon as he's paid her bills & he grinds her nerves she puts him out. Sometimes he'll continue to pay her bills because she needs help. Her mom pays whatever he can't/won't.

We are aware of the boyfriend's coming & going because SS let it slip. BM denies receiving anything from him, but when I hacked SS's FB account awhile back there were messages between the bf & SS with the bf apologizing for their cells getting cut off. Even though she'd thrown him out of the house, he'd still been paying for all of their cell phones & apologized when he didn't have the money to keep them up but promised he'd have them back on as soon as he got paid.

I get ill with government aid programs. They decline help to those who truly are in need but don't bat an eye to those who are raping them.

DH & I both work & haven't been able to afford a vacay since 2006. BM hasn't worked in years yet manages to spend a week at the beach every summer. :?

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My SD came over last weekend ranting and raving how her mother took her to Bush Gardens and she had the most "wonderful time" and the "best vacation ever". She whined all weekend that we (me and DH) never take her anywhere!!!! (not true by the way). Yet, BM's phone and electric were turned off this weekend. Mind you she just moved into this apt. three months ago after being EVICTED from her previous place. Go figure.