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This kid and that is term is used lightly since he is 22, is STILL BIOTCHING about having a smaller room in the condo that he pays no rent for.  He currently thinks he should not have to pay half the utilities since he has a smaller room.  You know the whole $100 bucks a month he has to pay

We are having a coming the Jesus meeting tonight...because I AM SICK OF HEARING THIS FROM HIM.

Oh the horror he has a smaller f'n hoo there kid.

Now he has proceeded to make a budget for himself that has $250 a month for food and was PISSED that his sister couldn't cough up that much a month for food just because he said so.  She makes about $400 a month total since she is in school full time  and working part time.  Homeboy there has graduated college and works 30 hours a week at a part time job.  He can affort 250 a month, she cannot.  So now he is a butt hurt that he has to pay more for one said ya did there buddy.  DD just said she couldn't put that much in.  

I told DD to buy her own groceries and DS can buy his own. 

So tonight he will be told, either get over the smaller room, quit holding over your sisters head and move on ..or he is free to move out to his Dad's.  My house is not an option I am providing him a place to live...its just not at my house.  He is 22 years old, a college graduate and should be getting a full time job in his field and paying his own living expenses..such as rent, utilities, phone, gas, car insurance, maintenance, etc.  Aspergers or not....this has to stop.

WE have a road to hell is paved with good intentions situation here.


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I'm glad one of the options you're proposing is that he move out of the condo, and I'd honestly tell him that he HAS to behave or staying won't be an option. It's unfair to his sister to put up with a whiny crybaby when he has the means to do this on his own.

Give him hell, Halo.

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If he throws a fit, I'd start re-packing his stuff in front of him and start carrying it to the curb.

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Maybe you should point out to him the *actual* cost of his smaller room in the condo and tell him his rent will go up by $100 per complaint about his room until he's paying that amount.  Nothing like looking a gift horse in the mouth to piss everyone off.

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I predict he'll shut up, stay, and seethe.  The next bitch session will be over your DD eating one of his crackers, and he wants her to pay his entire food bill or share of the electricity to make up for it.  

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Yep - I'd bet good money on that exact scenario.

No way I'd share food with a roommate even if it was my brother. I hope DD keeps a mini fridge in her room and stores her other stuff in her room.