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This math does not add up....there Beaver

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When DH and Beaver divorced Beaver was on the 15 year, three different colleges plan to obtain a bachelors degree in something.  She changed majors and schools like I change underwear.  Everytime she went to college she incurred student loans.  

She finally graduated from an somewhat sketchy online school here in the midwest with a degree in pyschology.  That and a dollar will get you maybe a candy bar.  I estimate that she probably had around 60k in student loans by then based on the amount she had she and DH divorced.  Ah as we know..once your graduate those loans come a knocking..enter student loan payment.

Now Beaver is 46 years a minimum of 60k in student and is now going to grad school for psycology at some other sketchy online school.  Ah....I see the loan forbarence for beaver while she goes to school and incurrs more debt. So..lets say she finishes her masters in 3 years at a minimum of 10k a year ...that is another 30k in debt on top of the 60k she already has.  Given what the salary is for a psychologist with no experience (she has NONE) and a masters and CS ending in 3 years...HOW IN THE FOOK is she going to pay these student loans..and not to mention she will in her 70's before they are paid.  

The only reason this concerns me is because I can see her trying to shake down SD to help pay for these student loans...since it was to make SD's lifffffeeee betttteerrrrr and DH is the reaaaassssooonnn she is in deeebbtttttt.  (emphasis on the words since Beaver likes to draw out her words in the most annoying way).

Oy...I don't see this going well later.



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Isn't there some moratorium on student debt right now because of Covid? Just remind SD she owes her parents (emphasis on Beaver) nothing! I used to tell Spawn this when she would tell us she had to "take care" of Meth Mouth because she was "sick"!

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What exactly is she going to do with an online psychology degree? Here online degrees (of the Phoenix University kind) get you nothing. Also there is an over abundance of psychology graduates for a very limited number of jobs in that field. 

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I suspect Beaver has no intention of repaying these loans. Or maybe she'll stay in school forever . . . .

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Student debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  She'll just default on them and leave the rest of us to pay for it.



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If you haven't repaid by the time you take social security, they can garnish 15% of the amount over $750 a month.

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There have been at least 2 cases recently where a judge ruled that student loans CAN be discharged with bankruptcy. So, it is possible, but difficult. 

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Thank God it wasn't us but my friend's daughter was the Peter Pan type, slow to mature emotionanally.  She's about the age of our kids, in her late 50's.  My friend was so proud when Peter Pan went to college, the first in her family.  She went on a student loan.  Long story short, she kept going and going.  The last I heard, the student loan debt was over $100k.  She did get a good job which lasted a few years.  In her early 50's, she finally married for the first time, a lavish wedding that I heard she went into debt for.  Then she lost her job and I hear they might lose their house.  Maybe with tbe job market so good now, things will work out.   Apparently, financial literacy wasn't in the curriculum...

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My younger sister bragged about being the "first in the familiy to get a degree"  (AA in liberal arts).  She did a part time stint in counseling but then ended up as a part time school bus driver with sugar daddy in tow.  Don't know if she went into debt or not.

I am a college dropout.  The college I did attend I found extremely boring outside of Physics class which was interesting.   So I'm in the drop out category such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  Wish I had their money though.  I run the local county's 911 center's servers and software.  Nothing but on the job training in this career path of 21 years and I'm told I am a very quick study.  Oh yeah and I was getting into this career path right on top of the bubble.  Scary stuff.  Anyway no student loans ever here.

Beaver will just end up gnawing her nails, errrr claws, and  having her SS garnished.

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Well, everything is on pause due to Covid right now, so no worries on payments. Then, yes, while she is in school, she'll likely receive a forebearance. Then she'll have a handfull of months post-grad to begin payments if she chooses (additional options for forebearance or payment delays, etc.) and then if/when she decides to make payments, she can have them based on her income. Last I heard, she'll need to earn more than she owes for it to be a significant payment amount. 

Really, I wouldn't worry about her trying to shake anyone down. Either way, it doesn't really involve you, so try not to let her rent space in your head for free.

(Two undergrad and one Master's degree worth of student loans for me! No regrets, went from poverty level with several kids to six figures. It's pretty common for divorced/single mothers to provide a better life for their children if they're educated, so I'm not quite sure why you're putting her down for it.)

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I myself have a BS and BA.  My mother has a Phd...and my sister is veterinarian.  So we are HUGE on education.

This education will not benefit either of my one is already 18 and the other is 15.  By the time Beaver graduates and gets any sort of job both kids will have moved on.  

Not only that, Beaver spends no money on either kid.  In 18 years she has never covered the kids on insurance or paid of any medical care for either kid.  She pays no school fees, nothing for school supplies, nada......she covers the bare minimum for them and that is it. So nope any extra money won't benefit the kids.  It will only go to what crafting, makup, nails or whaterver Beaver wants.

Beaver already shakes down SD for things...such as scheduling manicures for her and SD and then telling SD she has to pay for it.  SD won't keep money at Beaver's because Beaver takes it to buy stuff for herself.  Beaver tells SD she nneeeeedsss her money because she is so poor and she deserves the money. 

Finally, when DH divorced he paid Beaver a hefty sum in alimony and she lived with her parents rent free.  Despite getting 2100 per month fo 36 months..Beaver still managed to rack up 15k or so in student debt while "attempting" college.  I say "attempting" because she failed more classes than she passed.  We know because we subpoena'd the the college(s) during a court battle back then because Beaver wanted more money from DH.  We could prove the 1000k shopping trips were probably not necessary...and we are talking weekly trips. 

Finally, she had a decent job but lost that because they actually expected you to do work.  She was "moved" to another position...a nice way in the medical field to say...we are firing you but not really.

So..while generally speaking I could give a rats @ss if Beaver ends up homeless...SD is the scapegoat at Beavers and she will be guilted and harrassed non stop to support her poor...brooookkkkeee mother.  That kind of guilt and harrassment I don't wish on anyone.  I would like SD to break free from her mom and have a decent life.

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BM went to college years after my DH divorced her. With her track record of foolishness she probably got student loans. She is frivolous and irresponsible with her money. None of that can harm me or DH or our kids. BM uses AdultSkid. But I'm disengaged as there is nothing I can do about it. Like another poster said I don't let BM or AdultSkid to rent room in my head anymore. It used to make me anxious, irritable and even angry worrying about what bomb that evil woman and her equally evil AdultKid would drop on our heads. Be very careful, halo.