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B*ver staring as Petty Betty

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Whew Beaver's tail is in a KNOT.  Sheesh..

DH is exercising his first right of refusal due to Beaver becoming unhinged, SD managing her own ADHD meds at her mom's and having to go to Beaver Sr and Mr. Beaver Srs house where no one can help her with her remote school work.

Beaver is does NOT like this so she is making DH do all the driving despite driving to our town for work and her workplace is only 1.5 miles from our house.  Yep...she is coming here but can't make the 5 minute detour to come 1.5 miles.  Whateves...still getting SD.  She also won't go the 1.5 miles to pick up SD..we have to drive her back to the Beaver dam this afternoon.  Its a 30 minute drive each way to get and drop off SD.

Ok..there Petty Betty....

Beaver told DH she leaves for work by 6:30 a.m. so he will have to get SD before 6:30 a.m.  Before..not at 6:30..

DH arrives at the Beaver den this morning at 6:21 a.m. to pick up SD.  He gets this from Beaver.

SD will be out at 6:30 a.m. not before. Also please make sure she is back here by 3:50 p.m. as we have things we need to do today.  

SD was standing at the door and Beaver would not let her go out the door till 6:30 a.m. on the dot.

Yep those last 9 minutes sure were some quality time for SD and Beaver.  Not to mention if Dh was late Beaver would take SD to Beaver Sr's/Mr Beaver Sr and he would have to pick her up there.

I'm sure Beaver's cat butt face can be seen from outspace at this point...and wow...bothered much there Beaver. 

DH has a dashcam so he prove he was there 6:21 a.m. and that he had to wait for 9 minutes with SD peering out the door.


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Why wouldn't DH just not bring SD back? BM can pick her up if they have things to do. What is in the agreement about transportation?


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is that Beaver is only 1.5 miles away from our house..she has to pass it to get back to her house.  So essentially DH will be almost literally driving behind her to bring SD back.  Normal people would simply swing by and pick up SD.  

There isn't anything about transportation in this clause unfortunately.  

Dh is just more annoyed that she made SD stand in the doorway for 9 minutes doing nothing just because it wasn't 6:30 a.m. on the dot. 

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I think what PP is saying is that if Beaver wants SD back, she can pick her up. Once DH gets SD, it's on Beaver to decide to grab her or not. If Beaver doesn't grab SD, then SD stays with DH.

Since there isn't anything in the CO about transportation, but there is about FROR, then DH is playing by the rules if he picks up SD but requires Beaver to pick her up from y'alls place.

BM will look SUPER petty if she takes it before a judge that she wouldn't take SD to DH or pick up SD when work is 1.5 miles away.

Also, DH could just take SD to Beaver's place of employment at 3:15 and let SD ride back with BM if BM isn't willing to pick her up at y'alls house.

Basically, DH doesn't need to take SD back the 30 minutes. If Beaver wants her back, then Beaver can come get her.

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Yes this. 

he can play that game too. There is no transportation clause. 

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Wouldn't surprise me if this BM refused to let SD in her car at her workplace to force the dad's hand to pick her up and drive her to BM house. But if that happened I would keep her and claim abandonment.

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Your DH offers two options: either dropping SD at Beaver's workplace or Beaver picks her up at your house. There doesn't need to be a third option when there are two VERY viable options there. Two options that even the most pro-BM court would agree are reasonable.

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I love it when logic is not only sound but likely to prevail. Enjoy the corner you backed yourself into Beaver. Your days of runnin this nonsense are OVER. Courtesy of ST. 

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LOL. DH just reminded me last night of an email that BM sent once that said, buried in the general manifesto - "Pickup is at 3:00.  Not 2:59. Not 3:01." 

These women have a Ph.D in Petty and Controlling. 

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Doesn't Beaver talk with CPS today? I agree with Lt.D, your DH should pick up SD and make BM pick her up on her way home, if Beaver refuses, then great she will stay with us until you are ready to come get SD. I understand there is a CO, but unless and until Beaver files a contempt charge the courts really don't care.

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I'm not even sure it would count as contempt since DH isn't refusing to let SD go back, he's just not facilitating all the transportation to make it happen. 

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My DH's CO says that the parent whose time is beginning (for whatever reason, normal or FROR time) is responsible for picking up the children - the other parent only has to make them available. Think this would be the default expectation by the courts. After all, what if DH went to drop SD off and Beaver wasn't home?

If the CO doesn't address transportation, Beaver has no leg or tail to stand on to say your DH has to return SD, IMO. 

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just to show how petty she is being.  Beaver keeps spouting off about filing for contempt for DH keeping SD after she assulted her.  If Beaver does, we will use this a information to show how petty and off her rocker she is and that DH is willing to do whatever he needs to make sure SD is able to do her remote work and take her medication on time/everyday.


It won't look good to the court that Beaver makes SD wait until 6:30 exactly and that DH has to do all the driving...

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the Beaver actually agreed to having SD dropped of to her at work.  WTF...even DH was like...WTTTTFFFFFF

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and that handy dash cam will record he was there (thank you integrated gps)  and the time that he was there.  That way she can't claim he wasn't there on time.


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Get ittttttt and even if she does click out, she has to drive by your house. If she doesn't get her put it ON HER. 

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At least she agreed! Maybe she knows she will look ridiculous by not letting DH drop SD off at her work. 

I highly doubt she is going to file anything either. How's SD and beaver's relationship been past week or so? Does SD say anything? 

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but was talkative about everything else.  So..not sure what happened.  I do know they didn't really go anywhere other than costco and that Sd didn't get anything at costco.  My guess is Beaver made SD and GWR clean all weekend in anticipation of the CPS visit.

I'm honestly shocked she agreed....but I'm sure there will be something happening in the background.

DH doesn't think she will file..she would have to pay her attorney.

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She really doesn't have any leg to stand on with something brewing in the background. Court wise that is. 

I bet they were cleaning all weekend.