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Get your popcorn and watch the show....GWR has been up to tricks

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GWR has about 6 weeks left of his senior year.  He is barely pulling D's and I think that is just because the school wants to be rid of him.  Also we are t-minus 3 days till Beaver's child support is cut in half due to GWR turning 19.  Gotta love a state that says...yep don't care if graduated high school or 19 the gravy train ends no matter what.

So....what do we receive yesterday...a ,letter in the mail from school about GWR.  GWR has been suspended from school for 4 days. What for you ask....inappropriate comments on social media.  


1.  He will incite a riot at school.

2.  He will "jump" a teacher

3.  He will "slap and hit" a teacher

Ah...all so innocent things to say...NOT.   The most interesting thing about this was he said this in a group text.  So either someone in the group text ratted him out to the school or someone's parent of a kid in the group text ratted him out.  Either way some one told the school and had proof.  

DD says they gave him 4 days due to the fact he already was in trouble earlier in the year for the henious text message to and about his sister. So now the school is ramping up their up she says will be expulsion hearing if he continues.  (DD was in a program for future teachers in high school and is taking education courses in college).

DH just shakes his head since he has no control over what GWR does and Beaver will do nothing...since its' her baby boy and how dare someone rat him out to the school.   GWR would never do anything like that so whoever told on GWR just wanted to get him trouble.  

So get your popcorn to see if GWR actually makes it to graduation or will he be expelled or drop out.  Dun Dun Dun...stay tuned for the next installment of GWR's high school career.


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As long as the CS ends, who cares what GWR does?  He's a loser and his mother has enabled him to be one.

BTW, it's Dun, Dun, DUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN.....   :-)

It's Saturday, and I'm celebrating.  

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I think at this point the car has already crashed. We're just those people that drive by as slowly as possible to see if we can catch a glimpse of the wreckage before we get waved on...

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Oooooh, I can hardly wait to see what Beaver does when her CS decreases. Does she realize it's about to happen?

As for GWR, you don't sound surprised.  At the rate he's going,  it probably won't matter if he graduates or not. 

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I remember DH and I were biting our fingernails watching SS's last couple months of school on the portal. We could see he was gaming every night, all night long, missing school, getting poor grades ...but somehow he eked it out, with a lot of hand-holding, I'm sure. I imagine they wanted to be rid of him.

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I suspect that especially with covid, they're pushing the failing kids through.  The only exception might be the ones they have an opportunity to expel.

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I'd like to see how tough this kid really is the minute he's pinned down to the ground by a cop with the hand cuffs being slapped on him, I bet he would cry like a little baby screaming for his mommy.

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It's just a matter of time for GWR. And then Beaver will be squalling to OP's husband that he hasssss to give money to saaaaave their chilllllld.

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Does GWR not realize that he is legally an adult now? There are consequences for making online threats, hope they hold him to account!

Otherwise, cheers to CS almost being done!!

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Compared to many of the SKids of STalkers our kid was a gem.  He really was.  Though we did have a major scare during his Sr. year of HS and it was a closely run thing whether or not he would graduate.  We did have to apply major pressure and induce a state of abject misery to get him to graduate.  We yanked him out of boarding school at Christmas break of his Sr. year, brought him home to finish his last semester at our local HS.  Rather than a single class in Spring semester needed to graduate at boarding school, if he had passed the single class he needed to successfully complete during the Fall semester of Sr. year he needed both of those classes, two math classes, two career track classes and a major Sr. project to graduate at our local HS.  

Ultimately he graduated on time and with honors.  But that last semester was painful for all of us.

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And board up the doors. So he can't start living with you when Beaver locks him out.  She has to find some other income 

like rent his room. Remember work is a four letter word that beaver doesn't know 

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no way will GWR ever move back here.  DH washed his hands of that mess when SS noped out here 2 years ago.  One thing about DH that GWR didn't take into account...once DH decides to be done...he IS DONE

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Congrats on child support ending! I have three years and three months. Both SSs have failing grades, but they miraculously become Ds after BM cries to their counselor, so I think they'll graduate. BM will have to weigh her interest in maintaining CS against her desire to embarrass her children by allowing them to fail. I think our state cuts off at 19, too, regardless of grad status.

GWR's messages have likely gotten him tagged for surveilance by the school safety team, local police department or both, so he better be on his best behavior. Even the best of "friends" are not above sending a picture or screenshot of messages, esp since most schools allow anonymous reporting.

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BM here is a professor and she didn't seem to care if SS was failing. I'm sure blamed it on the school, or DH. 

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enabling to become disabled - maybe he can write a rap about his deadbeat dad and evil SM and make a gagillion dollars. You guys must be tired from all the suspense of will he fail or not or when.

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Any update on day one of freedom?  Our BM squeeled like a stuck pig when she figured out the payments were finishing when MSS finished his undergraduate degree.

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We can't wait that long!  PM her number to me.  I can make a quick anonymous call, and get her all riled up!

KIDDING.  Just kidding.  Though, I would love to be a fly on the wall when she gets her next check.

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Crickets from BM here since CS stopped in February. I admit I was kind of hoping she'd have a reaction of some kind lol. 

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Congratulations to making it to D Day! I envy you so much! Please tell us you have a plan how to celebrate your new found freedom and raise $ Smile