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Aww...Beaver had a parent teacher conference for GWR..

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So So cute...a parent teacher conference for an almost 19 year old.  DH gets notified of everything GWR attends high school in our district.  GWR doesn't lool like he will graduate from High School here in May because he is failing a required English course.  So Beaver had a parent teacher conference with the teacher that is failing GWR.  I'm sure it was a pity party session for poor widdle GWR and why he can't do her course.

But really .....the kid is almost 19, 30 days away from it.  Seems a little late in the game for the parent teacher conference for grown ass adult.  At 19 DH was in the Navy on a ship halfway around the world...and GWR is having parent teacher conferences with Mommy.


For the record..I didn't have any conferences for my 2 kids past junior high.


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To be a fly on the wall in the teachers lounge after that conference lol 

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I would love to hear what that teacher thought of Beaver and her advocating for her almost 19 year old adult son.

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Im flashing to my own GDs and SGDs, five of whom are in their 20's and 30's.  They are all good people but "delayed", imo.  Whenever I hear about something stupid, like immature relationships, Peter Pan lifestyles and financial chaos, I end up thinking, "At 19, I was married and had a baby.  At 29, I was married again and had 5 kids in my house".  I know this is just a version of, "When I was your age, I walked 100 miles a day to school in foot deep snow".  LOL.

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At 19, I was married, had my own apartment, job, was stb preggers, and supporting my wonderful first husband (eyeroll)

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Last meeting they had for SS17s 504 all you could hear was BM (it was virtual meeting) "oh you're smart bud.. you can do it blah blah blah." Not holding him accountable for anything. Then SO going I do this and this to get him do work and BM making more excuses. Sad. 

She used the "he comes from a divorced household" before too. Ya know, along with millions of other people so that should cripple him his whole life! Please... 



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Beaver is all poor widdle GWR is so put upon and really can't be responsible for ALL that work.

DH used to be like..nope GWR is just lazy and doesn't want to do the work.  The best was when GWR's 4th grade teacher called Beaver out on her shit...and predicted if she kept at it GWR would not graduate.  A fortune teller..nope..just a teacher that knew Beaver and GWR were full of shit.

As a card caring mom of a kids with Asbergers (Austism Spectrum)....I sat through many many IEP/504 meetings.  At no time did we (me or the VI) ever make excuses for DS...and low and behold he graduated high school and college.

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Ha ha, I know Beaver's a little slow but her pea brain must have registered that CS for GWR ends at 19 whether he graduates or not and that your DH isn't going to take him off her hands. 

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she can't play mom of the year if GWR doesn't graduate. After all ..out of all her friends, she would be the only that had a kid fail high school.  Such a blow to her ego...since she believes she is above everyone else.  She is PERRRFFEECCTT after all.  

DH just sits back and watches the show...

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Oh I'm sure there were many referrals to the "broken home" and how little perv GWR has struggled emotionally as he's a sensitive CHILD ever since the great "breaking of the family".

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poor widdle GWR was abandoned  by DH and he is emotionaly scared by DH's "abandonment".    Also in the same breath...poor widdle GWR was scared by DH "punishing" him for his poor grades and poor choices.


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My parents went to PT conferences for me and my sisters all the way into senior year of high school.  Most parents at my HS went up until 1st semester senior year.. I see no issue with that.  BUT - I'll bet Beaver hasn't been going to conferences all along, or making sure GWR is doing his work.  Too little too late - she's probably going just to plead with the teacher to pass him. MOTY material, that Beaver is.

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The kid failed first semster English and 2nd semester is going the same way.  A little too late to be having any type of conversation with the teacher.  I mean really.....GWR left our for the exact reason Beaver has her Beaver tail in a knot.  DH was on his ass to to his work and quit smoking dope.  

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Is Beaver still entitled to CS if GWR fails again? I can't remember if I asked you this before- sorry! 

The enabling of parents during covid is really starting to bother me. I don't know how other schools are but for my kids literally showing up to class online guarantees them a D. Anything they turn in above that only makes their grade better. If you show up and do half the work the kid will have a B or better! 

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that is it.  Doesn't matter if you graduate high school or not...or go to college.  CS ends..unless you are deemed disabled in some way...and its too late for Beaver to try that card.

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I'm sure BM had such meetings with SS21 when he was on the cusp of failing his senior year. Yeah, they dragged him through, holding his hand the whole way.

BM is a college professor, you'd think she'd be embarrassed that her kid barely graduated from high school and couldn't pass remedial English in Community College. But I'm sure she's found a way to blame it on DH.

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Barely graduated high school, and when she did I accompanied DH to it. Sat on a fricking hard bench in the hot sun for three hours with no water. Did she say "thanks" for showing up? Nope. Just took the money and flowers and skedaddled.

You sure you want him to graduate? You might be obligated for something. 'Sides, theres always summer scool.

The distance learning struggle is real. But Munchkin Sd14 is making A's B's and 2 C's. And shes genuinely trying.

GWR can always file for disablement. Do you think Beaver will make him go to work?

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and we are not obligated to pay anything for GWR after graduation.  Our state does not for parents to pay for college.  (Thank you to whatever almight you believe in).   Even if GWR does graduate...we will not be attending nor will GWR receive a gift from us.  DH washed his hands of him and there is NO moving DH on that front.  Once his done...HE IS DONE.

Remote school is hard..but GWR was failing long before remote school. He just doesn't do the work


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We attended SS's graduation and he wasn't even there, lol.  He was alienated at the time. Thankfully their last name is early in the alphabet so we didn't have to wait too long to figure out he didn't go.

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Just received two more back-to-back referrals for truancy.  The Girhippo was notified to attend a PT conference, too.

He's unemployed.  "May not graduate" is no longer a threat.