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DH, he is the dog from the movie yell Squirrel and his off and running

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and he is now in the "cone of shame".  ADHD....and DH manifests in DH's talking CONSTANTLY.  I mean its none stop sometimes.  Normal people get a hint when the other person starts to respond with just "uh huh, yea..mmmhhhmm"  Not my lovely DH..he just keeps on a talkin'.  TV going...still talks.  In fact he will have the TV on, watching something on his phone and trying to talk to me.  

WTF DUDE....and he spends all day long on the phone talking to clients.  He also talks in his SLEEP.  I know it's his ADHD...but this none ADHD broad needs a break.

Last night after a long day of watching our furry toddlers (aka our 2 1 year old boxers), working all day and making/cleaning up dinner I was fried.  I told DH..I'm going upstairs to do some yoga (also get away from the talking) and I will be done when it's time to feed the dogs...which was about 30 minutes.  30 MINUTES....PEEPS...30

What happens..after about 15 minutes of me doing yoga...I hear...

Halo..where are you at?  Halo tries to ignore.More..Halo, Halo...what are you dong?  Halo is now moving from defcom 1 to defcom 2.

Halo....are you working?  Where are you?  Halo moves form defcom 2 to defcom 3....Danger..Danger.

Halo....come see this movie?  There are all these people in it.  Halo...defcom 4.....I'M UPSTAIRS TRYING TO DO YOGA LIKE I TOLD YOU.

What Halo, I can't hear you...what are you doing?  Halo has now reach defcom 5 prepare for immediate air strike.

I turn off my yogo...stomp down stairs.

DH...WTF do you think I was doing,  YOGA....LIKE I TOLD YOU. Christ...I asked for 30 minutes and you couldn't make it 15 before you started to bug me.  WTF....

DH..oh I forgot.  


DH...oh well since you done...look at this movie.  (notice the complete lack of awareness that halo has reached defcom 5)


Dh..oh well sorry...but look.

NO..I'M NOT LOOKING.  i'VE SEEN THE MOVIE..IN FACT I SAW IT IN THE THEATER WHEN IT CAME OUT IN THE F'N 80'S. I'm feeding the dogs and then going to bed.

DH...uh..are you mad?

YA' THINK.....


Now...I reallize my first problem was actually responding to him.  I should have just ignored his ass.  However, I get the feeling he would have just kept at it.   Tonight I'm wearing my airpods so I can't hear him at all...and if he does it again I will indeed hand him the large e-collar we have for the two furry toddlers.

DH did get up this morning and apologize and admit that his ADHD brain decided that I NEEDED to know about this movie.  More importanly he wanted me to tell him who one of the actors was.   (It was the move Class with Rob Lowe, Andrew Mcarthy, me I've seen it a few times).

I know he is sorry but good lard DH....SHUT UP.

NO..I'm not leaving him over this...I know he has ADHD and sometimes its a struggle to override his brain at times....I'm just venting because I legit wanted to smother him in his sleep last night.




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I hate to tell you, but it will probably get worse as he ages.  My 83yo DH doesn't have ADHD but he talks to me nonstop now that he is retired.  He is constantly trying to lure me into whatever room he is in and talk about any topic that comes into his head. He does it at night in bed, too.  I say, "I'm trying to sleep!"

I always say that as they age, the thing that is most attractive to men isn't our beautiful bodies, its our ears.  Lol.

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It's like having a toddler that can open doors. Mom? Mom? Mommy? Mom! Mama! Ma! Mommy! 

it's sweet tho that he wanted to share something interesting with you.:) 

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You describe my DH as well. And he sometimes adds, "Merry, how come you never talk?"

How about we get them together to go chase their squirrels and we go out for a glass of wine. In silence.

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My DH has these ADHD tendencies too -- though not this bad!

What gets under my skin is when he yells across the house or wants me to come to him. Like whatever I'm doing is so unimportant that I'll drop it to run to him? He can come to me, just like we train children to do, as respectful good manners.

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he will yell from upstairs.  I will yell back..CAN'T HEAR YOU IF YOU WANT TO TALK COME DOWN HERE. whatever I'm doing can just be dropped and I will come with baited breath to find out what he wants to talk about.

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My DH doesn't have this chatty feature UNLESS he's on some diatribe about something - I have to often tell him that the subject has been gone over 10x now and I'm done discussing it AGAIN. And if he starts "helping" YSD with someting he'll go off the rails about not only does she need a new charging cord, but the type of cord and why it's there and the color is important and did she also know HOW a computer charges and she needs to charge it before she does x and y and then of course, if she wants to do this particular class online that would be great because it'll help her when she gets to college...

Then I have do say, DH, she has the charging cord, she's GOOD.

He doesn't interrupt me doing my thing though because he hates being interrupted as it gets his brain off-track.

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I call ..."taking the long road".  DH will go on and on on...I eventually will go..."taking the long road here...what's your point?"

or I will say...."yea can we get back to the topic..your on the long and winding road version."


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I believe my DH has ADHD, but it doesn't manifest in talking a lot. Mostly just being messy and disorganized and not finishing projects.  I'd go nuts if he talked all the time. Thankfully we are both introverts who like alone, quiet time.

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Are GREAT!  You should develop a hearing problem


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My DH did this the other day when he wouldn't shut up about pension planning.  He's obsessed about not leaving any value in the scheme when he dies.  He comes back to this topic repeatedly, everytime he gets mail on his investments.  I blew a gasket this time and ranted back that I was sick of it, that he didn't know when he was going to die, that he's not an actuary and the only thing he should be worried about was no dying in poverty. ARGH!!!!

He thought my reaction was hilarious.