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I am confused! No wonder the SKIDS are mental! Rant about BM being "normal"

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After months of hearing how awful BM is (from the SKIDS), and how she hits them, doesnt feed them properly, doesnt wash their coats or buy them new shoes when the soles have fallen off....

The SKIDS are now saying shes friggin wonderful!! Shes calmed down A LOT towards them since social services called her 4 or 5 months ago about her being abusive to them. But she's still messed access times around/cancelled access, blown her top at random and has generally been a delight towards SO.

Its such a head spin!! I can always tell when shes flipped her lid because the children are off the wall! They look grubby, they complain of not being fed they loose weight etc

lately the kids have been less mental, laughed a lot more, been easier to take home (as in they are happy to go back there)

But SS5 is still a pain in the arse. Throwing tantrums when he doesnt get his own way, and generally being rude.

I wish she would either be stable and look after the SKIDS properely or mental so we can build a case against her to get custody of the SKIDS..

In honesty I dont want the SKIDS. I think they are both pretty screwed up and I dont think ive got what it would take to sort them out, and I dont think SO could handle them long term either. But I dont think they should be with their mother either! If she would just get some meds or something to stabilize herself then all would be hunky dory! She can keep her little monsters and I wont need to be worrying anymore!!

I should be happy that the SKIDS are currently "safe" and emotionally stable, but its just so frustrating because I know that any minute now she might flip again and then were back to child abuse and general crazyness.

SO seems to just be going with the flow and doesnt seem bothered, as long as its business as usual then all is well.

Well all is not well because shes STILL a headcase!!


When will this ever end????


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I feel your pain Sad She's most likely bi-polar (as ALL BM's are, ours included) and needs to get her head checked! Our situation is similar to yours, where BM is a mental case, always changing her behaviours and confusing the kids (it was actually stated in the CAS reports that her anger-to-nurturing behaviour towards the kids was confusing them, hence their own messed up behaviours). BM had CAS removed for awhile, but they're back on with her now, so we're concerned that the kids will be taken away this time and placed with us :S Now, while we don't agree with her parenting tactics, we can't really say anything or else we'll be stuck with the kids Sad And if their own father is against having his kids live with him, then you can only imagine how bad they are :S My advice is to just (try) to take it with a grain of salt. Disengage if you have to. As long as BM isn't meddling in your business directly, then just ignore her. WE do and the skids are NUTS! With the amount of eye-rolling that goes on in our house when they're over, I'm surprised our eyes haven't fallen out of our heads yet!