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Super Pissed!! Bio son issue

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So yesterday DS5 said he wanted to be a car rider (he wanted me to take him to/pick him up from school) this after fighting with me over the summer to ride the bus to school. He LOVES riding the bus. I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing. Lies but whatever. Then when I picked him up yesterday afternoon he seemed sad. I asked him if he was okay and he started crying and said he didn't want to ride the bus anymore. I questioned him and he finally came out with it...some little asshole is picking on my son. He said this kid called him a fucking bitch because my son was in HIS seat. He said this kid has been picking on him since Monday. I called the school and they told me they would handle it.

DS forgot his library book so I took it to school this morning. When he came to the office to get it he was really clingy and asking if I was sure I was picking him up from school today and I said yes. DS is not a clingy child. So I took him into the hall to question him apparently this kid called him a pussy this morning. I'm done. I told the administrator I wanted a meeting with this kid's parents. The administrator, poor lady, did her best to calm me down. I told her we don't tolerate bullying-at all. She said they take this sort of thing very seriously and they will handle it. She said she will talk to the student and call his parents. I want to talk to them but she doesn't think it's a good idea. Maybe she thinks I'll jack up an elementary school kid...

I want DS to learn how to deal with this sort of thing but I don't know how to teach it to him. I don't ever remember being picked on at that age. I vaguely remember beating the snot out of some boy that pushed my sister off the jungle gym when I was 7. I remember a few times when I was a teenager getting picked on because I'm thick. But by that time I didn't care what other people thought of me.


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Most likely someone's skid.... who wants to fess up????

BS4 started full-day PreK this year. yesterday he told me that a boy in his class kept saying "butt" all day and that the teacher had to write a note to his grandmother about it. All I could think was damn!!!! He's in PreK for pete's sake!! ...and so it begins Sad

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Our schools around here claim a zero tolerance bully policy but they don't really enforce it like it's written. I am SO SORRY your 5 year old is being subjected to bullying and foul language by some punk at school. You stay on that administrator because you are your sons advocate, no one will fight for him harder than you. When my BD11 was in the first grade she went to early care at her school each morning because I have to be at work early. This boy that was in the 5th grade came from a troubled home and lived with a maternal grandmother, he had a tough life, I get it. But he was a known bully (not by me because we had just started at this school) but he started in on my daughter. She would make up reasons not to go because of him, I talked to the teacher in charge multiple times about it, then I talked to the principal, no luck, they also wouldn't allow me to have a meeting with his grandmother. Now I realize this is awful and I should have continued the chain of command but that's my only child and he was tormenting her 5 days a week, I walked my daughter in one morning and waited for him to come in. I walked right up to him and told him I was BD's mom and I heard he had been talking smack to her and if I heard he did it ONE MORE TIME I was going to find him and tear him a new asshole! Then I left, he never even looked in her direction again. This was not the right way to handle it but again advocate for your kid, don't send them to school or on a bus to be tormented by some kid who is begging for attention in all the wrong ways.

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I have no problems jackin up a little kid. That's probably what DH is afraid of...that and I told my sister and she is on her way...she is coming to school with me this afternoon. My BIL just said "Please don't get arrested"

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My YS was being bullied. We tried the talking with the parents. Yeah right... So I taught my kid to punch. Now before people get mad you need to realize that A. my son is small B. the bullying was physical. When the brat decided to spit in my calm kids face, my son hauled off and popped the kid in the face.

All of the parents in the neighborhood decided that my son was a bully. No one was allowed to play at our house anymore (Hallelujah). Funny thing was before this my house was the go to kid house. When they stopped coming over they had to go to their houses and play. And guess what? All the parents got a real view of who the bully was. Every single parent in our neighborhood apologized to us and our son. Even the bully's parent. Their kid got banned from every house. It took about 6 months. My children had other friends so we started bringing them over for play dates. The neighborhood kids all wanted to come back to our house to play. I said no. My kid had moved on and I wasn't willing to have him ganged up on again. The parents also realized that the free time they had when their kids where at my house was over (We were the reliable parents in the neighborhood, an adult was always present.) Teach your son to stand up for himself, but be prepared for the fallout. I liked it when I was a kid, the adults let the kids handle their own disagreements even if it got physical. I can remember many a time the kids would fight, get it out of their system and be BFF's within hours. When adults get involved grudges get held and things get blown out of proportion. We also learned how to solve our own problems.

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Who would be mad? That's what my dad told me and that's what I tell my son and SS. Don't start any fights but if someone hits you, you knock them out.

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Call the bus company. Why isn't the bus monitor doing anything about it? The bully should be made to sit up front with the monitor and MONITORED.

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That's what I asked. There is supposed to be two bus monitors on the bus AND kindergartners are supposed to sit up front. So I dunno.

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I have instructed my DS that if someone hits him to hit them back. I will deal with the fallout. He takes Jr MMA while I'm in my kickboxing class. The instructor says he's really good at it so he probably will mess this kid up if he hits him. I like the yelling thing. I might have him do that. Perhaps embarrassing this little shit will make him leave my son alone.