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How many?

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So I'm new here, how many of your partners know you are a part of this site? 

And some one explain all the differnt acronyms to me please. 

I get some one them... not all. 

Thanks :) 


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SO - significant other

OH - other half (took me forever to figure this one out)

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I would have never known!

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I second Hell NO!! My DH would flip!!! He is a very private person. He would be crushed to see the things I write and he would read others comments and be like "I'm sure you feel this way too!" This site is for ME! A SM (stepmom) not for him! 

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My DH knows I post on a stepparent site, and I'm sure I've told him the name. I don't post bad stuff about him, and he agrees with everything I say about SS20, so it wouldn't be a big deal if he saw what I wrote.  But he doesn't care to find out.

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My ex(deceased)and current SO knew/know about ST. Neither cared/cares.  

I don't bad SOs or their kids.  If I had/have an issue, I speak up about.  I have clear boundaries about what I will tolerate. 

I haven't said anything here that I wouldn't say directly to either one.

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I am the same way, he has heard it all from me first.  

However i am the more private of the two of us. He talks to much for my liking.  But I have a feeling if he found out about this it would be a fight because its directed at his children's awful rude behavior. 

But I needed an outlet to get this bs out. I'm tired of feeling alone in all of this. It's not just my SS21 it's my SD18 and I'm sure soon to be a problem SS 12, as he is going to follow exactly what his siblings do. 

The two SD18 and SS12 live with their mom for now, the SD18 always seems to move back in. But this time she moved out we built her a room and I took the walls down 1 week after she left. ( she still does not know I did that)  I was pretty proud of my self for that one. 

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My DH is a problem solver. Occasionally, I read some of the ST posts to him and he makes suggestions for a sane resolution. He also realizes that, although his DD and I have enjoyed an excellent relationship for the last 25 years, there were some horrific times in the past. 

DH has no interest in ST, apart from commenting when consulted, nor would he bother to logon himself. Firstly, he's computer illiterate and depends on me to solve his computer issues and secondly, he respects my privacy as I do his.

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Are you bad enough they in my present life..joking no but really this is for ME! I  have thoughts and words to say I know he would Hate! Even if it is the Truth! I wanted like minded people who understand what I'm going through! So far So Good! Its helped my alot! I've learned alot! And gaining courage!

Love you All!!