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acronym update please!

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i need an acronym update please im lost. i know the common ones lide sd ss dh fim mil bil sil bf fdh but there are new ones like op or ot and many more. help!

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lol i dint want to be rude so i just didnt post anything back immediately. but i was going to say thanks any

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Yeah, SEB is that poster's BM - IIRC (if I recall correctly) it stands for Shifty-Eyed Bitch. It's a nickname, like 'the orc' or 'bobo' or GUBM (Golden Uterus BM).

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lol these nicknames are too funny. if i find more ill come back and let u all know.

thanks Smile

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I know it means biomom, but whenever I see it, I'm the back of my mind I always think bowel movement. That how my sons daycare indicated a poppy diaper on his daily care sheet.