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Food for thought

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I watched an interesting YouTube video that basically stated that blended families should not exist thus stepparents should not exist.
If a couple couldn't manage to stay married and got divorced, then they are supposed to remain single and raise their kids instead of adding a new partner to the mix. The only time remarriage would be okay is if a spouse passed away, but divorce should never have been an option and without it there would never be the constant chaos that is step family life.

What do you guys think about that? Do you agree?

(Would've posted the link but can no longer find the video)


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Well, in theory, sure, it makes sense but it's not realistic.

I do think that single parents need to be a bit more discriminate before they start keeping house and bringing a step parent and other kids into the mix. 

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Ok if a spouse passed away? Only in Hallmark movies. 

Remarriage always includes the popular you're not my parentAnd there's the elevation of the deceased to sainted status. And the family of the deceased spouse who resents the parent moving on. 

Whoever produced that video does not live in the real world.

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Well if it’s on YouTube it must be credible and true right?!! 

So what of people whose spouse cheats?   Or beats them?? Or goes off to be with a dame sex partner??? Or decides they are trans??

Too many variables to make such bold statements. But definitely a conversation starter to expand on.

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I think that's ridiculous.  People make mistakes.  I have no problem with them moving on with life and other relationships, but I do think they should consider their children when they do so.

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I wonder if the video was posted by a scorned SP who’s endured years of crap over the ever so holy First Family. I mean, I’ve had the same thought at times when I’m frustrated & banging my head on the wall, I’ve just never posted about it on YouTube lol.

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No, single parents are supposed to learn to parent on their own and learn how to be a good partner before they seek out someone new to bring into the relationship. And they have to be willing to compromise with their new partner, even in regards to their kids, when they find a new partner.

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I'd say that video was probably made by a mini-wife who hated her SM...

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With a cheating spouse or one who is abusive and hcgubm, narcissistic and pas etc... they were a major determining factor towards the breakdown of their marriage as they were and never had any intentions of being an equitable life partner...