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Kid stands up for his visitation rights. Video, really want ya'lls opinions.

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Obviously, not my s/kids. But REALLY interesting video.

Short version, dont mind the commenter after the first video, he's kind of a douche.

Loooooooooooooong version (An hour long, full video)


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The longer version has more detail and you can clearly see the kid is nervous. Good for dad for filming it.

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I think the father was right to film it but it shouldn't have wound up on youtube. Hopefully a judge saw it.

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Yeah, Anon usually doesnt do that sort of thing. They are usually the "Army" as it were, for groups like Wikileaks, or like they are currently hacking the World Cup corporate sponsors since the Brazilian Gov funneled all that money into building new stadiums for the games and not using that money to help the destitute and homeless population.

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AKA, they work for solutions to help millions of people...not just one kid. And I dont really feel like this kid was physically abused, I honestly think with the way the father acts about..his activism for pot and what not, if the kid was ACTUALLY physically abused, he would have put the BM or SD in jail a long time ago.

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I kinda agree with the mom. I dont agree with her throwing up the fathers ability to parent.... But I do agree it should have been handled differently and the video should not have ended up online.